The Blossom is Speeding up – Part 2

21 Oct

I do not know enough about anything to become an authority of some kind. I keep on going, though, with the insights I have been getting from a source that is a good authority … so much so that I can say that the source I am dealing with is a faultless authority.

I have to write more about my most recent ‘Findings’. I can tell you that I did this already … almost. Hah. I was finishing a blog about this about three hours ago and … Blip Blah … the whole thing disappeared ! I realized that my typing hand hit a key on my keyboard that erased all that I had.

What do I have ? I don’t know enough about computers also. I have to do this again. I write free hand in all my blogs. I just start typing out one and it goes OK.

I have a scenario about humanity that may be true. If I trust my authority it is true.

Humanity is mixed with an old ‘First God’ and a new God. Every universe has a God … not an all knowing God who is a thinking personage somehow, but a super force for purity that governs a particular universe fate for all of its own ‘things’. I cannot say ‘people’,or beings, or anything like this. I can say that a universe has a force that will protect and govern all of its ‘things’. This is for rocks, atmospheric laden planets, a piece of dust … anything.

Our universe I am going to describe from now on as a creature universe. Yes. This creature goes hunting. It goes hunting for stuff ! It grabbed us, a high type of intellect, from somewhere. This was even so long ago that we were probably living on Mars.

Now we are contending with a new power in this universe … with Gods who also mated with us. We are in a warlike state because we are mixed with a newer universe God ! I wrote about this already. This war consists of an able living group of life entities who are vying for control of this place, even over the Grays, from Mars, and over some other able living entities. I turns out that we wound up here on planet earth when we COULD live here as creatures … and we could not live on Mars anymore … however this takes place. It can be said that we came from somewhere else ? I do l know that we are hybrid with the Grays, first off … and they have always been around here … for many billions of years. If this is so then we must have come from Mars. The time scenario for creatures like the Grays and humanity to evolve is much longer that the time that all of the Garden of Eden creatures evolved on earth. I say this because I know the Grays are not from a long distant planet out there. Our universe creature God grabbed them many eons ago. My own thoughts mixed with my findings authority are backing me up on this. I would know if I am wrong. I am good at being wrong.

What happened is the Grays came to the Garden of Eden atmospheric place and started to breed with lesser creatures in order to actually live physically in this place. Living physically is the greatest thing any life of any kind will want to do.

We need to study the remaining perfectly natural places of our earth to fully realize this We can see a love fest going on in such a place that has no equal anywhere … in any universe.

Is all this a ‘Finding’. Am I loosing my sanity now ?

More recent (10,000 + years ago), our universe grabbed a some super fine intellects from another universe or more. I explained what happened then and now … that the Gods of this type are dead now.

I can’t write anymore for this blog.

Is the Rat Race (The Blossom) running faster now ? Is the rubber band going to break ?

I have some recent Lunar Eclipse pictures to attach here. I got the moon with stars all around it ! My pictures are somewhat three-dimensional. These are the not the most technical shots, which would not be so three-dimensional. I used a Canon EOS camera with a 200mm Takumar tele with a 3x telextender. I don’t have a expensive 1000mm lens or such.

G Forss  Moon and Stars  2015 eclipse 3 small file

G Forss  Moon and Stars  2015 eclipse 5 small file

G Forss  Moon and Stars  2015 eclipse 6 small file

G Forss  Moon and Stars  2015 eclipse 7 small file

G Forss  Moon and Stars  2015 eclipse 9 small file

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