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G Forss Symphony No. 8 “Who am I ?” A yearning to show oneself to God and the Devil

12 Aug

I am afraid that I am right when I can say that someone will want to express themselves in such a way that they are showing themselves to God and the Devil.  My symphony here is about this in a playful natural way.  There is no intellectual prowess in the person/subject of my symphony.  The subject of this symphony, indeed, the presence in this work is very real to me.  This is a young woman who is expressing herself in six different ways.  There is a poem on page 340 of my book ENOS that I use for the six movements for this symphony …

I am not alone

I am a poet

I am mysterious

I am happy

I am bold

I am wild so that I can be beautiful in life.

What I mean when I say “God” is different than you would think.  There is a God in every universe !  This is a strong force.  This is all that it is. This is a force for living joy perfection.  This is a force that will maintain anything that has achieved a state of perfection of its kind.  This is nothing more than a given functionary that is flourishing with all life forms … in any universe !  This is what I am told.  Check out my last four blogs to get a complete picture of what I am about.

The young woman in my symphony is showing herself in the six movements of this symphony. Ultimately showing herself to the Devil as well.   I didn’t plan any of this.  All my symphony’s are created when I am in a somewhat metaphysical state of mind and a presence comes into my symphony creation process.  You should read the text page of this symphony attached here to know more.

G Forss  CD Cover for G Forss Symphony No. 3

G Forss  Text for G Forss Symphony No. 3  Who am I