The Grays

26 Jul

Someone contacted me by phone and wanted to chastise the writing I did in the blog just before this one.  This person said they were abducted by Aliens (the grays) and that these beings are not stupid nor insane at all.  The caller also wanted to correct my spelling … uh, I had ‘The Greys’ and it should be ‘The Grays’. I corrected this. Thank you caller.

I don’t even know if my grammar is correct here or elsewhere at any time !  I do take advantage of computer grammar checking.  I must admit that I did not do this kind of check.  I should become a better writer by taking a course in basic English grammar ?  If I say that I do not want to clog up my brain cells with boring factual writing techniques and grammar you have to understand where I am coming from.  Something about me is just right for the divining with Aliens (a faultless authority) that gives me such truthful insights about almost everything. I am not kidding.  I am a headstrong fool.

I think that a wise saying of old says it all.  “God speaks through fools”.  This Is not one of my Finding Sentences.


I will do this here.  [big deal]  This is my devils advocate self that likes to have a terse comment in my writing.  It always speaks in brackets.  Hey ! This is a bit of expert grammar !

Anyway, what is so exciting to me is the fact that I had  person to talk to who says that they had an Alien abduction experience !  This person did not want to go into the details about his Alien abduction experience.  I bill myself as an UFO investigator.  This I did without any authoritative schooling place for such, if there is any ? I like to interview anyone who says that they have had any experience with Aliens at all ??  What I do is use my experienced truth feeling out ability to determine if the person I am interviewing is telling the truth or not.  I know that real truth has a specific feeling to it that cannot be denied.

[What are you supposed to be, an absolute truth determining guru ?]  Hah.  I know I am having fun with my writing when my Devils advocate self has something to say.  I am not a truth guru.  I do like the idea of someone having such an ability.  I do have some truth awareness in my head when I am receiving a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’.  This is the term I use to describe some wise insight that I am aware of suddenly … that contains some kind of faultless info about a subject … that I know is truth … that I know is going to have long-term effectiveness … that I didn’t ask for in the first place.   Is this absolute ?  No.

I do not believe or find that the person who called me is truthful or not.  This person’s simple report about having an Alien abduction experience is somewhere in between truth and fiction.  This I was able to pick up on.  I think most people who say that they saw an Alien flying saucer want to belong to the … “I saw an Alien Flying Saucer” club. I put this forward like a spoken statement.  We do have some undeniable recorded visuals of some kind of intelligent life activity that is not entirely of this earth garden realm.  I think that these are showing us something that is between actual and fantasy;that there are some kind of apparently physically active entity behavior scenes and yet they are not altogether here.

I know how to clear this whole controversy up.  It is so simple.

When we have government elections coming up people should vote for the person who says that they will come on television with an Alien body in their hands.  This will end the controversy for sure.   We should vote in such a candidate.  I think anyone who says they will find out where they keep the Alien bodies and bring one out to show the public is a good candidate for office in these modern times.  Is this possible.  It should be.

I do have a suspicion that there are no alien bodies anywhere in our world.  New leaders do find themselves declaring that there are no Alien bodies housed somewhere.  I remember a couple of new U.S Presidents making a such a declaration.

The Grays

The Grays are older than us. They are here somehow. We do not have any skeletons of them.  There are other phenomenal beings that we do not have any skeletons of.  We do not have any Big Foot bones.  Not really.

Of course, I am wrong !   I say … NOT YET !   [Wheeee]

I have some files to attach of Barbara Beckwith’s portraits of Alien entities that she says she did of them in person while she was with them over most of her life !  I think she was with them somehow.

When I look at these I can see some kind of reality.  The Aliens cannot come out here fully to give us a press conference. This I know.

Aunt Barbs abstract 3 unsigned (24 x 12)


Aunt Barbs abstract signed 1 (30 x 24)


Aunt Barbs another gray signed (28 x 22)


Aunt Barbs scary gray Signed (36 x 24)


G Forss Mohawk River at Half Moon 35mm  2400 Nessy streaming along small file

Nessy in the Mohawk river !  No.  I did a computer drawing.  No bones for this monster.

I sell my photography and I can make a print of the Alien portraits for you. Any G Forss picture.   $20. for an 8 1/2 x 11 100% cotton digital print.  Add $ 10. shipping.  You can order and pick up at my gallery also.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816  518 677-3288

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