A New Discovery … continued

14 Jul

I have been thinking about the discovery that I made … that it is so odd … saying that unnaturally fast witted intelligence will not last long on the earth (in the natural earth garden) … and I do not think I can discount this point of view.  This is what is stated in the blog before this one.

I do tend to be overly sarcastic when I am sounding out about basic humanity.  I am a writer like one in the old days and what I have is always so scolding.  All my rhetoric is universal at least.  I do not have set social favorites or one sided conservative or liberal views … or even a political view.  I think humanity is nuts then ?

I think we are all unduly captive to the energy I write about … the energy of the Blossom.  This is a discovery coming from me that goes back many years.  It is, in fact, the reason that some faultless intelligence from somewhere is here communicating with me at all.  I know that I say that I asked for it.  Yes, and I have discovered further that I am actually forcing the universe to relate some of its hard core truths to me.  How dare I come up with an assumption like this !

My inward spiritual query is the opposite.  I say to myself (I have input that is saying)  “How dare I not do so !”

My recent discovery that the God’s are dead is a logical observation.  I think we should all begin to practice something I call “Mere Observation”.  We really can not get any more scientific than this.

Such an observation says (bluntly) … “Where are they ?”

Think about this carefully.

Think about the other views connected to this discovery … that those who come to our universe … who can do this at all .. that they did not aim at our universe (plot it out on a map of some kind).  My discovery (the new data that I found in my mind) says they were trapped here !  Not only this.  They have to change  when they recompose here !  That they will take on some of the physical characteristics of our universe creatures and in their thinking (behavior) as well. True, I did not conjure up stuff like this just to be a smart wise guy.  I am a goofy old dude these days but I am still getting amazing insights form my wisdom source, et all.

OK   If … I SAY IF… the God’s were observing us from somewhere would this not be physically apparent somehow … in a very repeatable way ?  The only thing that we have that is repeat ably physical about them is the fact that we have nothing !!

I look at all the shows about Aliens and their ancient activity with structures that are so profound.  This proves that  they were here … and no more !  The behavior and the physical characteristics that they showed (The ancient ones recorded) while they were here goes along with my newest discoveries.  It makes so much sense.  They could not last here very long and we are in peril at some point if we do not improve our performance here.  Am I saying that someone is watching us after all ??   No  I am saying (my wisdom says) that there is a great God Force that gets triggered … that it is this universe immune system.

There is no evidence that this force does any thinking … it just gets triggered … and there is a quick ‘comeuppance’. This is what happens to all of our wayward societies at some point.  This is a mere observation.

All this, above, is observable.  We should sure about things that are not so observable.  My wisdom says we are the only life in our universe.  This appears to be such a stupid, old fashioned, viewpoint.  But – BUT I SAY – Do we see any life in action somewhere, out there ?  NO  (not yet, you may say).   Also, do we see any artificial debris out there ?  No  (not yet ?)

People are talking about Alien craft observations all the time … and about being abducted.  There is some science to this having to do with it all being a weird facility of a human mind … or even of a great mindset share by many.

All of our governments cannot fully agree on anything and they spy on each other.  There is some rather odd thing they do agree on and are able to keep it so secret.  They have Alien bodies somewhere.  The public will never see these. This is what they all agree on.

HELLO  uh, for the sake of world peace or anything like this, can we see these now ??   Mere observation tells me that they cannot do this because they do not have any Alien bodies.  They tell us this as an up front lie to all the public.  Mere observation tells me that they just do not have any Alien bodies.  If they do … if there is life out there .. etc. etc.  (any day now).

I think Jimmy Carter can tell us something … about how there are no Alien bodies.

I have some new pictures to lighten your hearts a bit.

I am selling new pictures for $20. at my gallery and some old silver gelatin prints with a pencil price on the back.  My prints are all archival grade.  I use 100% cotton paper for my new digital prints.  Add $10. shipping for nay pictures you see in my blogs.

I am doing portraits. I have a sample here and some magic.  I sold two of my new Mohawk pictures recently and now I have one with the Lock Ness monster in the water.  I cloned it in.  It looks real.  Kids will like this.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12916  518 677-3288  george.forss@yahoo.com

G Forss Mohawk River at Half Moon 35mm  2400 Nessy streaming along small file G Forss  People and Balloons small file

G Forss Nancy Krauss spiritual portrait small file

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