I believe I made a major discovery in the world of Astronomy and Anthropology

6 Jul

My blog title is the way that someone should tell the world about a discovery that they have made.  Yes.  But those who know me probably figure I am talking to some Aliens again.  It is true.  I am in communication for many years with some kind of faultless intelligence that wants me to relate what I pick up from them to the world when I get a directive from them.


Now … This is … “Where I get off.  This is my stop.”   You can say some parting words to a wild nut … just like this.

I enjoy writing like this.  This is fun.  I know I am a good conduit for some “Aliens” logic.  The Aliens know that all beings and every other thing in the universe will exhibit an endless playfulness in their behavior. They know I am like this. This is true for all things in Nature – in the Cosmos – that this is something we are constantly observing … and it should always be like this.

So …

I am told that all the creatures with unnatural, fast witted and not long lasting intelligence, that are from another universe will not last for a long time here.  We humans, who are the offspring of the God’s, are not entirely of this earth, but we are sparred an early demise because we are in part innocent and about half of what this universe has created.  This is a part of my new discovery (my input from afar).  I am told that nothing that comes here from another universe will last very long.  Also, when some advanced life form comes here it will only be happening by chance.  There is no way for any intelligent life form to map all the universes.

When some being leaves their home universe they will do this by being propelled so forcibly away from their universe confines, however they are able to do this, and that they will actually be ‘lost in space’ sort of.  This the is the very nature of the exploration that they are doing, or are willing to do.

My discovery – some new input from my Aliens – is telling me that a being leaving their home universe will only be able to travel to our universe (The one we are in) by being trapped here !  No one can simply direct themselves to any universe of choice.  This cannot be done.  This implies that our thinking, at all, has something to do with the universe we are born in.

Yes !  All the life forms that come here find them selves trapped here !

Further, I must tell you that someone traveling to another universe will lose the mind they have in their home universe.  OK  Some advanced beings find themselves here … but then they are suddenly recomposed here … and they will be forced to take on a physical appearance that is mixed with their own world with some of our world (this universe).

These findings -“Finding Sentences” – as I refer to all the input I have been getting for years, will now surely explain to us the very bizarre behavior and physical character appearance of the Gods of old and also why they left us.  It turns out that they did not choose to leave us alone so we can develop naturally – even though this will happen anyway.

All the God’s of old were forced to leave after a short span of existence here.  They probably had to thrust themselves out into the realm of endless multiple universes to recompose somewhere else by chance.  I know they are dead here.

We (humanity) are a new developing God here.  We are just dumb enough (innocent enough) to last longer than the God’s who created humanity as we are now.  This is possible if we are aware of the mightiest force in our universe.  This is the true enemy of humanity.  People who know me know that I am referring to the God Force.  This just happens to be our universe immune system.  It is not a mind that is thinking all the time.  We are OK if we don’t get too smart (too greedy).

We don’t want this thing to get triggered against us.

I have a two files of an Epilogue writing I did for my new book and some new picture files.  You should study this. I have some new pictures of innocent humanity at play and of our beautiful planet.

G Forss Scan of  ENOS Religion Epilogue page 1

G Forss Scan of  ENOS Religion Epilogue page 2

G Forss  Hot Air Balloons A family affair small file Adobe fix

G Forss  Memorial parade  Red shirts team small file

G Forss  Memorial parade for everybody small file

G Forss  Mohawk River at Half Moon small file

Am I selling something ?  Yes.  I am doing portraits for $65.  This includes an 8 1/2 x 11 new or old print of mine.  I selling prints of new pictures and old for $20 at my gallery these days.  I sold two of the Mohawk river above. If you order any from  my blog add $12. for shipping and handling.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

george.forss@yahoo.com  518 677-3288

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