Four Forces of the Universe – Two new ones ! – New Science to be considered

31 May

I was viewing a new science show on TV which was about the rift between the science of Astrology and Astronomy.  As I was watching this show I was very annoyed by the way that the science community was putting down Astrology as being nothing more than an unscientific practice that fails whenever there is a purely random sampling of some Astrology claims.

This would seem to be so, according to some sampling that was done on this show.  However, when two Astrologers were asked to participate in analyzing Astrology charting of two very famous people – that the Astrologers would not know about – to see if the Astrologers were able to hone in on the personality traits, they were surprisingly successful.

After this the science show people found a way to pooh pooh the Astrologers after all.  It seemed to me that they had an impenetrable bias at work here.

Our science is aware of the four major forces of the known universe, as to how it is operating.

Me ? I have been aware of a kind of fifth force for many years that I can observe … that I believe we should (and are) observing all the time but we do not want to know too much about the fifth force.

The fifth force is the force for purity.  Mere observation is showing us all the time how anything that is impure will not last long in the universe.

OK  As I was watching this science show I got a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’ in my head that told me about the sixth force !  This is the force of Chance !  The fact that anything can happen at any time, good or bad, is actually proof of this force’s existence !

Aliens to the rescue !

I have news about my hard pressed Kickstarter project that is on right now … my new book proposal …”Best Magical Photography of My Life: 1987-2015″  Many people are not able to connect  to my new site.  I do not care to cite Kickstarter or even myself. I am not a ‘want to be’ enemy conscious person. The thing is that someone can definitely get to my site if they go to …  … and then search George Forss after you do this.  A scroll down will appear and you will see my new book title.  Click this !

I better get out of here now …

I have pictures of the Memorial day the parade on Cambridge Main Street the other day.  Some good ‘Chance’ worked in my photos.

G Forss  Memorial parade  Red shirts team small file

Memorial Day Parade – Red Shirts Team

G Forss  Memorial parade for everybody small file

Memorial Parade for everybody

G Forss  Memorial Parade Classic charm car moment 2015 small file

Memorial Day Classic Car Charm

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