New launch – Best Magical Photography of My Life 1987-2015 – New launch

15 May

I have been getting feedback from people telling me about two problems with my new Kickstarter funding.

People tell me that they are not able to open my site and that my video is a bad distraction.  Someone visiting my site is prompted to open the video, which does not have anything to do with my funding project features, and the video will freeze when it ends.  I had to put an extra message on my computer sites telling people go to the <- return arrow on the top tool bar of their computer to get the opening page of my Kickstarter site back.  This has been another bad distraction.

So, I am starting my new Kickstarter proposal campaign … Right now !

I am very sorry for these issues.  Please understand.

I still have 30 days to go with this campaign.  My site opens easily now and I no longer have the video on the site.

I offer rewards that are well worth it and every reward is a good collectable investment to boot !

New pictures …

G Forss  Farm field panorama  Spring 5 stitch

Farm Field Panorama  Spring route 313 Cambridge

DHW  A man is recording the antics small file

Donna’s art for new book

G Forss Donna at two WTC years 1988 - 2015

New book cover design.  WTC buildings 25 years apart, with Donna !

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