Our Kickstarter project flier from Donna Wynbrandt

12 May

G Forss Scan of DHW Kickstarter flier Adobe fix

I like Donna’s quick drawings like this one.  We are trying to get support for a new book.  My approach is to offer rewards that are well worth it for each amount of funding.  My $25. dollar funding amount, for instance, will be a Post Card art that is very collectable and also a limited edition.  There is no set number for such an edition but when my Kickstarter campaign ends there will only be a certain number of post cards that were sent through the mail to my $25.backers.  This is all that will be of this edition.  Donna and I will have a thank you message on the card and then sign it.

I will make a 4×6 inch digital print onto 100% cotton paper with Epson inks.  The subject could be anything the backer wants from my known photography and Donna’s art.  We will choose something for you as well.  This thank you post card will be sent to every backer.  For higher backer amounts you will also receive what the backing amount reward is about. I make large 100% cotton digital prints of my photography and Donna’s art for sale.  These are valuable collectables as well.  I also will make darkroom prints as a reward and Donna will offer some of her original art.  You can choose from any G Forss photograph or Donna’s art you know about or we will choose something for you.  My world price for a silver gelatin print through my Park Slope Gallery in Brooklyn is $750. for a print up to 16x 20 inches.   For the highest backer amount of $1000. or higher I say we will give you “The Works !”  I say that you will be surprised by the rewards you will receive.

Thanks for your interest,

George Forss

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