G Forss – Cure for a problem – magical pictures ideal for my new book

10 May

Eternal Sunrise for Enos  Adobe fix 2015

Eternal Sunrise   Savoy State Park   Massachusetts

Some people tell me that my new book proposal on Kickstarter’s basic address does not open the site ?

I find from experience that this address works …  http://www.kickstarter.com/georgeforss … THIS WORKS.  A scroll down list of G Forss’ sites will come up.  Look for the title of my new book and click it >>>  “Best Magical Photographs of My Life 1987 -2015”

Also, on this site after you look at my short movie go to the return <- Arrow on the top tool bar and click it to get back to my Kirkstarter opening page.  This is another problem solution.

I have my Kirkus Review scan of my just published book “The Way We Were” here and some magical pictures I want to use in this new book.  Magic is the key in the selection of pictures for this book.

I want to have about 25 pictures of Donna posing so well, about 25 magical pictures taken over the years (like the ones attached here), and very good photography of Donna’s fine art.

Red Fox in the Field - Finland sharpened 2015

Red Fox in the Field   Finland

Swans at the Berkshire Bird Sanctuary Adobe fix 2015

Swans at the Berkshire Bird Sanctuary  New York

G Forss  scan of Kirkus Revue 2015

KirKus Review for “The Way We Were”

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