G Forss – Troy Music Hall – “Gravity” – Sandra Bullock

4 May

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Tory Music Hall is a special place for music lovers.  I like the view looking out of the Music Hall building.  I like the juxtaposition of people looking down at the street and the people in the music hall parking lot in the painting.  I have three more views out this window here.  These go together as a triptych, sort of … one, two and three … full view, closer and closer still.

I also have a picture of the conductor, Gerard Schwarz looking happy just after a performance of Mozart’s Symphony NO. 40

This event was quite a treat.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 1

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 2

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 3

I have a big Hollywood movie I will show this Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 2;30 PM in my theater.

Yes !  This is the movie “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  I did a prevue of this movie and I did not like it.

It is not so scientific and it has unusual violence as soon as the film starts.  A Russian satellite is shot down by the soviets and the resulting debris goes flying into our satellite knocking Sandra Bullock’s tether off the mother ship and she goes flying out into deep space.  All is doomed for her it seems but wait, uh … there is a whole movie to star her in to come ?  I only did a prevue of the opening of this film so I do not know the rest of it ?

This movie is pure Hollywood.  If we do not like all the violence and mistruths in Hollywood films then, uh … There “Outta be a law” about this !   It is not this simple.  The film company’s have to survive (do business).

The solution is that we will simply not go to movies like these and filmmakers will make more truthful and wholesome movies.

So, why am I looking at this film next Saturday ?

Sandra Bullock !

Here is a happy conductor …

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A happy conductor after Mozart

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george.forss@yahoo.com                http://www.ginoforgallery.com

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