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Four Forces of the Universe – Two new ones ! – New Science to be considered

31 May

I was viewing a new science show on TV which was about the rift between the science of Astrology and Astronomy.  As I was watching this show I was very annoyed by the way that the science community was putting down Astrology as being nothing more than an unscientific practice that fails whenever there is a purely random sampling of some Astrology claims.

This would seem to be so, according to some sampling that was done on this show.  However, when two Astrologers were asked to participate in analyzing Astrology charting of two very famous people – that the Astrologers would not know about – to see if the Astrologers were able to hone in on the personality traits, they were surprisingly successful.

After this the science show people found a way to pooh pooh the Astrologers after all.  It seemed to me that they had an impenetrable bias at work here.

Our science is aware of the four major forces of the known universe, as to how it is operating.

Me ? I have been aware of a kind of fifth force for many years that I can observe … that I believe we should (and are) observing all the time but we do not want to know too much about the fifth force.

The fifth force is the force for purity.  Mere observation is showing us all the time how anything that is impure will not last long in the universe.

OK  As I was watching this science show I got a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’ in my head that told me about the sixth force !  This is the force of Chance !  The fact that anything can happen at any time, good or bad, is actually proof of this force’s existence !

Aliens to the rescue !

I have news about my hard pressed Kickstarter project that is on right now … my new book proposal …”Best Magical Photography of My Life: 1987-2015″  Many people are not able to connect  to my new site.  I do not care to cite Kickstarter or even myself. I am not a ‘want to be’ enemy conscious person. The thing is that someone can definitely get to my site if they go to …  … and then search George Forss after you do this.  A scroll down will appear and you will see my new book title.  Click this !

I better get out of here now …

I have pictures of the Memorial day the parade on Cambridge Main Street the other day.  Some good ‘Chance’ worked in my photos.

G Forss  Memorial parade  Red shirts team small file

Memorial Day Parade – Red Shirts Team

G Forss  Memorial parade for everybody small file

Memorial Parade for everybody

G Forss  Memorial Parade Classic charm car moment 2015 small file

Memorial Day Classic Car Charm

My new book as an ongoing update ? Maybe But it is not over yet ! Hope Hope

25 May

G Forss  Jersey City Boardwalk 1988 jpeg

WTC with Donna 1988

Whaaa !   I keep making adjustments to my Kickstarter funding campaign. It is amazing how I manage to come through somehow in many of my projects.

So, what am I up to now ?  Yeah,  I got a list of 5000 emails that I can use for the marketing of my new book …

“Best Magical Photography of My Life: 1987 – 2015”

I made up a statement of ‘hello there’ to the people on my list. I am not trying to be cute but I did decide to have fun with my project at this point, like … “What the Heck”  … I say to myself.

Below is the message I composed to use when I send an Email to people on my new list.

This message is for you too !

Anyone who backs my project will get rewards that are well worth it !


To Email recipient,

I am a renown photographer in the world doing a new Kickstarter program.  Kickstarter gave me 500 Emails as part of my marketing package.  I am not someone who wants to seek random contacts via my new Email list.  So, I am just going to have fun with my list and make the people I contact happy I hyped my new kickstarter book proposal to them.  I will attach some of my famous images and some more that are new for my book.  I am at this site when you search … “Best Magical Photography of My Life: 1987 -2015”

Note that you can do anything you want with my images*.  Yeah, I have it thus stated in email writing here !  This is a gift for your time with my Email.  I thank you.
WTC with Donna 1988
WTC2 with Donna 2013    25 years later !
QE II in New York 1977
Clearwater under the Brooklyn Bridge 1977
WTC2 with the moon 2013
Donna  Posing Mime for the word  “Reconciliation”
Donna Posing Mime for the word “Sadness”
“Nineteen Cats’  Donna Wynbrandt
“The World According to Dogs”  Donna Wynbrandt
*Donna’s art too !
George Forss
G Forss  WTC with Donna darker sky Best small file
WTC2 with Donna 2013  25 years later
G Forss QE2  266  DP print 2014 small file
QE II in New York  1977
5 G Forss  Clearwater under BB 1977
Clearwater under the Brooklyn Bridge 1977
G Forss Freedom Tower at Night print  upright
New WTC2 with Moon
G Forss Donna posing as Reconciliation 2 new bottom small file
Donna Posing Mime for the word “Reconciliation”
G Forss  Donna posing as sadness  Nancy's farm small file
Donna Posing Mime for the word “Sadness”
DHW  Nineteen Cats small file
“Nineteen Cats”  Donna Wynbrandt
 DHW  The world according to Dogs small file
“The World According to Dogs”  Donna Wynbrandt

New launch – Best Magical Photography of My Life 1987-2015 – New launch

15 May

I have been getting feedback from people telling me about two problems with my new Kickstarter funding.

People tell me that they are not able to open my site and that my video is a bad distraction.  Someone visiting my site is prompted to open the video, which does not have anything to do with my funding project features, and the video will freeze when it ends.  I had to put an extra message on my computer sites telling people go to the <- return arrow on the top tool bar of their computer to get the opening page of my Kickstarter site back.  This has been another bad distraction.

So, I am starting my new Kickstarter proposal campaign … Right now !

I am very sorry for these issues.  Please understand.

I still have 30 days to go with this campaign.  My site opens easily now and I no longer have the video on the site.

I offer rewards that are well worth it and every reward is a good collectable investment to boot !

New pictures …

G Forss  Farm field panorama  Spring 5 stitch

Farm Field Panorama  Spring route 313 Cambridge

DHW  A man is recording the antics small file

Donna’s art for new book

G Forss Donna at two WTC years 1988 - 2015

New book cover design.  WTC buildings 25 years apart, with Donna !

Our Kickstarter project flier from Donna Wynbrandt

12 May

G Forss Scan of DHW Kickstarter flier Adobe fix

I like Donna’s quick drawings like this one.  We are trying to get support for a new book.  My approach is to offer rewards that are well worth it for each amount of funding.  My $25. dollar funding amount, for instance, will be a Post Card art that is very collectable and also a limited edition.  There is no set number for such an edition but when my Kickstarter campaign ends there will only be a certain number of post cards that were sent through the mail to my $25.backers.  This is all that will be of this edition.  Donna and I will have a thank you message on the card and then sign it.

I will make a 4×6 inch digital print onto 100% cotton paper with Epson inks.  The subject could be anything the backer wants from my known photography and Donna’s art.  We will choose something for you as well.  This thank you post card will be sent to every backer.  For higher backer amounts you will also receive what the backing amount reward is about. I make large 100% cotton digital prints of my photography and Donna’s art for sale.  These are valuable collectables as well.  I also will make darkroom prints as a reward and Donna will offer some of her original art.  You can choose from any G Forss photograph or Donna’s art you know about or we will choose something for you.  My world price for a silver gelatin print through my Park Slope Gallery in Brooklyn is $750. for a print up to 16x 20 inches.   For the highest backer amount of $1000. or higher I say we will give you “The Works !”  I say that you will be surprised by the rewards you will receive.

Thanks for your interest,

George Forss

G Forss – Cure for a problem – magical pictures ideal for my new book

10 May

Eternal Sunrise for Enos  Adobe fix 2015

Eternal Sunrise   Savoy State Park   Massachusetts

Some people tell me that my new book proposal on Kickstarter’s basic address does not open the site ?

I find from experience that this address works … … THIS WORKS.  A scroll down list of G Forss’ sites will come up.  Look for the title of my new book and click it >>>  “Best Magical Photographs of My Life 1987 -2015”

Also, on this site after you look at my short movie go to the return <- Arrow on the top tool bar and click it to get back to my Kirkstarter opening page.  This is another problem solution.

I have my Kirkus Review scan of my just published book “The Way We Were” here and some magical pictures I want to use in this new book.  Magic is the key in the selection of pictures for this book.

I want to have about 25 pictures of Donna posing so well, about 25 magical pictures taken over the years (like the ones attached here), and very good photography of Donna’s fine art.

Red Fox in the Field - Finland sharpened 2015

Red Fox in the Field   Finland

Swans at the Berkshire Bird Sanctuary Adobe fix 2015

Swans at the Berkshire Bird Sanctuary  New York

G Forss  scan of Kirkus Revue 2015

KirKus Review for “The Way We Were”

New George Forss book on Kickstarter ! “Best Magical Photography of my Life 1987-2015”

8 May

My site on Kickstarter is up now.  This book will feature the best magical pictures I have taken since 1987 with my special muse of all these years, Donna Wynbrandt.  I am not being very egotistical with a title like this.  I am really known for photo images that do have a somewhat magical thing going on in them.

My feature picture for my Kickstarter (attached) site will bear this out.  Mostly, I want to feature the amazing posing ability of Donna Wynbrandt and her fine art as well.  In the Kickstarter feature picture, crops of two images 25 years apart, Donna is posing with the old WTC in 1988 and again with the new WTC2 in 2013.  I love it when we are out somewhere to do a scenic, or other, and I can pose Donna in the foreground of my picture.  This always works !  It is sheer magic. magical photography of my life 1987-2015/george forss    Site address.

I can illustrate a couple of Donna Wynbrandt fine art here.  These are two current artworks that were featured in the Salem N.Y. Community Courthouse recently.  Donna had seven sales here.

My kickstarter site is a lot of fun.  Check it out.  You won’t be sorry.  My rewards are well worth the contribution on different levels.  My recent successful Kickstarter book, “The Way We Were” is selling well and it garnered a good Kirkus Review.

I want to get a good Kirkus Review for this book as well.

I am putting three new pictures here featuring Donna’s posing.  Two at local farm and one by her studio building mailbox.  These are quite magical.

Please feel free to connect with me for any inquiry or other.  Buy some art – Donna’s art – My photos – see a movie in my theater !  I am running a big Hollywood Movie tomorrow … “Gravity” featuring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

I sell art at a ‘make an offer’ gambit these days.  Movie is free.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12816

ph 518 677-3288

G Forss Donna at two WTC years 1988 - 2015

Donna WTC 1988                Donna WTC2 2013

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Donna as a Mail DE terminator creature

G Forss  Donna posing as reconciliation  Nancy's farm small file

Donna posing as reconciliation

G Forss  Donna posing as sadness  Nancy's farm small file

Donna posing as sadness

DHW  Nineteen Cats small file

“Nineteen Cats”  by DHW

DHW  The Godess Vesta small file

“The Goddess Vesta”   by DHW

P.S.  When you are looking at the film on my Kicstarter site go to >- the return arrow when the film ends to get back to the main Kickstarter proposal screen.

Thanks for your time,

George Forss

G Forss – Troy Music Hall – “Gravity” – Sandra Bullock

4 May

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Tory Music Hall is a special place for music lovers.  I like the view looking out of the Music Hall building.  I like the juxtaposition of people looking down at the street and the people in the music hall parking lot in the painting.  I have three more views out this window here.  These go together as a triptych, sort of … one, two and three … full view, closer and closer still.

I also have a picture of the conductor, Gerard Schwarz looking happy just after a performance of Mozart’s Symphony NO. 40

This event was quite a treat.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 1

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 2

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Troy Music Hall parking lot 3

I have a big Hollywood movie I will show this Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 2;30 PM in my theater.

Yes !  This is the movie “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  I did a prevue of this movie and I did not like it.

It is not so scientific and it has unusual violence as soon as the film starts.  A Russian satellite is shot down by the soviets and the resulting debris goes flying into our satellite knocking Sandra Bullock’s tether off the mother ship and she goes flying out into deep space.  All is doomed for her it seems but wait, uh … there is a whole movie to star her in to come ?  I only did a prevue of the opening of this film so I do not know the rest of it ?

This movie is pure Hollywood.  If we do not like all the violence and mistruths in Hollywood films then, uh … There “Outta be a law” about this !   It is not this simple.  The film company’s have to survive (do business).

The solution is that we will simply not go to movies like these and filmmakers will make more truthful and wholesome movies.

So, why am I looking at this film next Saturday ?

Sandra Bullock !

Here is a happy conductor …

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A happy conductor after Mozart

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery   38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816  518 677 3288