Apologies for an error but not for an order !

21 Apr

I made an error in my last blog.  The street I was taken on my trip from Albany airport to my Cambridge homeport was spelled wrong.  I have Gerry road when it should be Geary road.  This same person that corrected my spelling also ordered prints of the three pictures I took while on this route (along Geary road).

This is great.  This is like insult and conquer.  It worked ?  I sold three 8 1/2 X 11 digital 100% rag paper prints of the three pictures for $45.

I told the person I am making the prints for about the insult and conquer routine and they laughed heartily.  I usually sell one 81/2 print for $35.  Anyway, I am going to continue this deal.  The three prints in my last blog are $45. shipping is $10.

I understand that the famous men’s suits store is offering their best deal yet.  If you but seven suits for the price of one suite you can have the whole store.

I better shut up.

Here is another deal.  I have two pictures taken of the old WTC and the new WTC2 that are twenty five years apart.  I sold two sets of these for $45.  Shipping at $10.  I will run this deal again.

Also, I am selling art in my Ginofor Gallery at a make an offer sale.  I have about 35 different artists.

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery 35 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY  12816  518 6773288  george.forss@yahoo.com

G Forss  Jersey City Boardwalk 1988 jpeg

WTC with Donna  1988

G Forss  WTC with Donna darker sky Best small file

WTC with Donna 2013

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