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Apologies for an error but not for an order !

21 Apr

I made an error in my last blog.  The street I was taken on my trip from Albany airport to my Cambridge homeport was spelled wrong.  I have Gerry road when it should be Geary road.  This same person that corrected my spelling also ordered prints of the three pictures I took while on this route (along Geary road).

This is great.  This is like insult and conquer.  It worked ?  I sold three 8 1/2 X 11 digital 100% rag paper prints of the three pictures for $45.

I told the person I am making the prints for about the insult and conquer routine and they laughed heartily.  I usually sell one 81/2 print for $35.  Anyway, I am going to continue this deal.  The three prints in my last blog are $45. shipping is $10.

I understand that the famous men’s suits store is offering their best deal yet.  If you but seven suits for the price of one suite you can have the whole store.

I better shut up.

Here is another deal.  I have two pictures taken of the old WTC and the new WTC2 that are twenty five years apart.  I sold two sets of these for $45.  Shipping at $10.  I will run this deal again.

Also, I am selling art in my Ginofor Gallery at a make an offer sale.  I have about 35 different artists.

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery 35 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY  12816  518 6773288

G Forss  Jersey City Boardwalk 1988 jpeg

WTC with Donna  1988

G Forss  WTC with Donna darker sky Best small file

WTC with Donna 2013

New show at my Theater of the Arts – The Return of the Pink Panther – Late Sun pictures

12 Apr

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was driving Donna back home from Albany airport when she took this picture of me with her pocket digital camera.

On the drive home I saw the late afternoon sun on some farms along the way.  I stopped at one and then another and another in only few minutes.  I took some quick pictures of each farm place with Donna’s camera.

I was on Gerry road and then Center Cambridge road.  I just stopped my car and braced the camera on the roof of my car to get three late sun pictures of three farms.


We need farms.   It is so sad to me to see that some of our farms are not maintained the way they should be.  We can only live with a kind of balance on our earth between Nature and all the technology we have developed in the area of farming.  We don’t need silos anymore.  These are the only thing any artist will want to paint alongside a farmhouse.  It is fine that we are developing in this way to feed us all … but … Something is wrong.

Something is wrong.

Can we get some more historical land preservation monies for the restoration and maintenance of our most picturesque farms ?  For this reason alone ?  People still living on these farms would like this. This would be like a special farms retirement social security.  We need to preserve these.

This issue is like the steeple churches in all of our older farm towns.  If these are gone what would the basic landscape our  towns look like ?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Late sun of farm 1

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Late sun on farm 2

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Late sun on farm 3

New Film in my gallery theater !   I get DVD films from a client Santa Monica CA.  I also get threats from this person to share with my erstwhile theater visitors.  I got See’s Chocolates, for instance, for my theater visitors.

“The Return of the Pink Panther”  is my film for the next two Saturdays.  This may the funniest picture I have ever seen ?

Show time is 2;30pm  Saturday  April 18 and 25  2015.

I serve popcorn, bottled water and coffee and you can bring something !

Why ?  You will experience this film better than ever.  I have three screens and 16 speaker surround sound.

Why again ?  No charge.  I just like the way I set this theater up and want to share it.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street

Cambridge NY 12816  george.forss

518  6773288