Ginofor Gallery – George Forss – Theater of the arts

21 Mar

I have been changing my gallery a bit.  Not giving up what I have been doing but combining everything I do more. This seems to work for me.

I have four new views of my gallery store room here, which is also my movie theater house and my music listening room … and also my old fashion movie projection theater as well.

I still have about 35 artists that I represent.  I have the capability of showing movies much like a large theater does with surround sound suddenly.  I can darken the room quickly with theater curtains.  Sometimes I will run two things at the same time.  I have, for instance, a surveillance camera that is aimed out of my gallery window at the street outside.  This camera’s view is projected onto a very large rear projection screen.  I can do this while I am playing some serious concert music through my surround sound system.

So, while anything is going on in my theater you can view hundreds of art.  I do some kind of presentation on Saturday afternoons.  Sometimes I have Opera from the Met, off the radio !

I am open to anything anyone wants to do at my theater.  Recently, someone brought a disk of Joseph Campbell lectures about Mythology.  This is super intellectual stuff.  I ran this two times and I looked at it a third time.  There is a foundation that handles this mans imperious views about humanity and our worldwide cultural past … and about human phycology !

Another thing that happened has to do with a box of old 8mm films in a box that  Jack, of Jack’s Outback, brought to me to explore.

Can there be anything more outmoded  that 8mm films ?  Well, in looking at one of these films I saw some travel films someone did in the 1963 – 1968.  This person went around the world with a group of people taking movies in this period.

In one film this traveling group is in the Hollylands with four big American cars.  This is a big  ‘So wHAT ?’ BUT.  hAH.  These are four 1960’s cars with big fins.  The four cars are seen going to various sites with the occupants waving back at the movie camera.  It was such a big deal doing movies like this in those days.  I saw a Desoto with fins,  a Chevrolet with gull wings, some kind of Plymouth with fins and another black sedan that may be a Lincoln.

One thing, films like these are an honest portal view of the past.

Look at my attachments are showing all the stuff, old and new, that  I have accumulated for my theater.  I had to drag two large rear projection screen TV’s from the street into my gallery.  These are a lot of fun to me.  I use them to display large paintings as well.

I can make a  DVD out of old films  Don’t throw your family heritage away so fast.

Art     Art    Art    I am selling art at a ‘Make and Offer’ gambit.  Buy what you really like, not what you think you are suppose to like.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery   38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12816  518 677-3288 www.ginoforgallery.comG Forss Ginofor interior 1   2015 small file

G Forss Ginofor interior 2 small fileG Forss Ginofor interior 3 small file

G Forss Ginofor interior 4 small file

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