Selling George Forss – A new policy for my Ginofor Gallery – Make an offer selling

7 Feb

G Forss  View of Gallery TV's and Art

A view of my Gallery with large TV displays

             If it looks to you like I have three large TV’s in place, you are right.  I have three TV’s going when I run a movie event at my George Forss  Theater of the Arts.  I have an event every Saturday around 2:30 pm.  I have two old rear projection TV’s and a Flat Screen TV.  I feature classic movies. art instruction videos, my own art films, live opera from the radio, and anyone ‘s request for a small group event. I can seat 8 people in comfort.  I have a big couch I call my green cloud plus 2 classic office chairs that swivel and tilt, and a big momma arm chair that  I think Sophie Tucker sat in and two other chairs and a cushioned stool.  Movies and such shown in the setup I have are richer than super HD theaters.

I would not want three large HD TV’s here.  It would be too much.

I want to sell more art.  So, I decided to sell most of my art at a make an offer price.  I will state a price and then we can negotiate.  I cannot sell the professional artist I represent for too little but I happen to have three George Van Hook art at half price.  I have Harry Orlyk at the same price he has had for years.  I remember that he was going to double his prices  (he is doing very well) but he has not.  The two abstracts you see in the above picture were just placed in my gallery.  This is art from the estate of Barbara Beckwith from Vermont.  These are not signed, still these are fun art that will cheer up your home.  Art is what you want in your home. Art makes you glad you are alive !   Barbara died recently at age 90.

Check out a web for my new book:  http://www.georgeforss/The Way We

Check out free downloads of my books on my older blogs.

George Forss  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

518 677-3288

I have books published.  My new one is at and a you tube video.  Go to George Forss on you tube

G Forss  View of Gallery Green Cloud Couch and Art

Art on my Green Couch

G Forss Ginofor Gallery in January Snow 1 small file

Ginofor Gallery

G Forss  Cambridge Antiques Center in January Snow small file

Cambridge Antiques Center

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