New pictures that oddly work – Adam and Eve portrait from the Aliens ?

23 Jan

The new pictures here are odd to me.  Especially a picture from a shooting session that I had a DIRECTIVE to do.  I do get something that can be described as a directive from some playful Alien entities. The proof of this (what is going on) is in the results I get.   I was told that I should take a picture of myself and my special mate Donna in a certain way.  I don’t know how or why my Adam and Eve picture works so well.  When I was taking this picture I forgot to close down the aperture of my lens. I used a 1937 Ziess Icon folding camera for this. This resulted in a negative that is so dark that the image is almost not there. Lately, I decided to put this negative in a scanner at high power to bring out what ever I could get.  I liked the result and I sold two prints of this picture so far !   This picture looks good the way it is now. If I had a better negative I would have to clone a fig leaf over myself.  This was my plan.

Two other pictures are here.  The seascape over the ocean of Plum Island is in color here and I don’t know how the vortex in the middle section of this picture happed ?  I was trying to stitch three pictures together.  I like the gull flying through the middle section of this scene. Another picture has a grand panorama looking over the terraign at the Audubon Preserve on Plum Island.  This came out better than it should.  I just took four grab shots in near darkness here.  I stitched them together for this nice scene.

I  want to cite another directive a got in 2011.  I was working on an art film about the 2008 Presidential election.  While working on this film I got a directive from an Alien who wanted to comment on our election.  I was told to go to a particular swamp like place alongside the Hudson River, that an Alien would speak through me Mediumistically at this place.  This happened and I did a camcorder film while this took place.  This film is on You Tube !

You have to go to four sites Addresses to see this entire film.  Start as listed below.

VTS 01 1 George Forss

VTS 01 2 George Forss

VTS 01 4 George Forss

The King Cobra Speaks George Forss

The King Cobra ?  Yeah.  There is a shadow of a King Cobra on my face while the Alien is talking through me.

But my pictures !  Details in my just past blogs.  Thank you.

G Forss Adam and Eve 2

Adam and Eve in the modern world with Mother Nature

G Forss  Plum Island   Rectangle Light over Ocean 3 small file

Rectangle over the Ocean  Plum Island

G Forss Audubon Sanctuary at Plum Island small file L sharp

Audubon Sanctuary at Plum Island

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