Pictures from a special place – Plum Island ++++ plus a couple of spooks in Salem, Mass.

14 Jan

G Forss  Following the footsteps  Plum Island Beach P small file

Following the footsteps

G Forss  Plum Island   Rectangle Light over Ocean 2  BW P small file

Rectangle Light over Plum Island Beach

G Forss  Rocks like Seals  Plum Island P small file

Rocks Like Seals  Plum Island Beach

G Forss  The World of the Barred Owl  Plum Beach 2014 P small file

The World of the Barred Owl

In October 2014 – such a long time ago it seems – I got around to taking a brief vacation in the Newburyport area of Mass., below Boston.  We went to Plum Island on two occasions.  I got pictures here of this excursion.  I have seven pictures that I carefully worked on.  I have a quick study of the Barred Owl in the Audubon Nature Preserve and some ocean scenes.  I also went to Salem, Mass and captured two spooks with Donna.  Donna’s hand is in this scene.

The owl -YIKES – is what this creature is. It gets a YIKES !   I have this bird of prey together in its surrounding world.

We wanted to get to the ocean.  We did and it was cold in late October.  No swimming.

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G Forss  Donna and some spooks in Salem Adobe fix P small file

Donna with some spooks in Salem, Mass

G Forss  Donna on Plum Island Beach P small file

Donna on Plum Island beach

G Forss  Evening sky over Plum Island ocean P small file

Evening Sky over Plum Island Beach

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