George Forss Symphony No. 8 – The moose in the Woods – a large moose in your listening area – New book download

4 Jan

I have nine symphony’s that I created utilizing electronic feedback sounds. The text page of each symphony will tell you how this all came about … about a kind of ‘presence’ that came to this undertaking. I have four of my symphony’s on this blog now. You can backtrack to find No. 4 No. 1 and No. 9. I will have all nine soon.
Don’t wonder about any of this though. I am sure you will become quite amazed by what you will be hearing. If you want to know more you can open the text attachment larger and read about how such an undertaking came to be. I can sell you any one of my symphony’s on a CD disk, even all nine. One CD is $25. add shipping of $12. For all nine I can cut the single price in half. This will be

I also have a pdf file of my new “The Way We Were” that I can send to anyone who wants it. I sell this book at my gallery. I can sign my book this way. It also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an E book. A paper back in my gallery is $15. The hard cover is $24. I have altered my price for this book because I am a nut. Honestly, I do not know exactly what to price my book. People tell me they paid such and such a price, in my town Book store (Battenkill Book Store) and other places. You can also get one from the publisher,

OK Turn on my symphony and you will have a large Moose in your listening area. This moose will get close to you to sniff you ! It runs away eventually with a large honking sound as it goes.

George forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816 518 677-3288.

G Forss Symphony No. 8  The Moose in the Woods jacket

G Forss Symphony No. 8  The Moose in the Woods  Text

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