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The God’s are dead.

29 Jan

I get info, like the bit of ‘news’ above every once and a while in a certain way. I just got this info ! This is not sheer nonsense because every one of the info ‘news items’, if you will, that I have been getting for years … that I have been using in my writings has not failed (been proven wrong).  This kind of thinking is easy to discount.  This is so because we are all mostly preoccupied with making money.   Making a good life for ourselves and family.  We just do not want to hear stupid stuff !

I have been told that the ancient ones, the Gods are dead … bada boom … just like that.  Science knows the Gods.

Science knows about the Gods of old but does not give any more thought about them other than maybe figuring that they left us flat.  WE ALL KNOW THEM.  They are the basis of all our religions.  It is just not good business.  Good Rat Race business to dwell on something like this.  There is something else that can be said about this kind of info … SO WHAT !

Yeah, OK

Here are three bits of info I have had for years that cannot be discounted … even though you will be sure that these items are wrong.

1. We are the only life form in this universe.

2.  We are born to find a perfect mate in this living and then we do not come physical life any more.

3.  There is no single God personage.  WE are God !

About no.1  We have not found any others ‘out there’ and any others have not found us.  When this happens I shut up.

About no. 2  I have never met anyone who is not looking for a perfect mate in life, no matter what they say about themselves.

About no. 3   Mere observation.  Looking about without any bias ( having to have fixed opinions on subjects) tells us that good and bad things happen and it is not even by chance, it is worse than this.  We tend to not make bad things happen to us but still we suffer when something bad happens.  Observation tells us that we are growing from these experiences or that we are released from this place to get some peace at last, sort of.  I find that a persons fate is a growing thing that is going good or bad, that this is something we as God have some control over.  Other than this, if there was a single God that is thinking about everyone at all times (if this were possible) it would be great.

The Gods

It turns out that the Gods were from another universe.  They came here to live again.  I do not know if they are totally responsible for  life on our planet, which is an amazingly glorious thing, but they did hybrid breeding with some ape types and they succeeded with humanity.  Now they are gone.  They used to be all over our skies and we had dragons like creatures, giant beings, etc.  We had more of a variety creatures than we know now.  We know the super Gods by what they left behind.  We are the Gods !

Coming from another universe is fine but you cannot stay in any other universe for long that is not your natural one.  Humanity has this problem.  We cannot stay here for many millions of years.  We can do something to hang on for many more thousands of years though.  I was told many years ago that we should use our advanced technology to have better truth detection, that this will help if we can incorporate more real truth in our affairs.  This way we will need less politicians … and this will keep our universe, the one we are in now, immune system at bay and we can live here longer.  Badaboom.

I have some files of Donna Wynbrandt art here.   Donna has the old Gods in her art it seems.

Check out her blog.

These are for sale but we do not prices for her original art and copies of her art yet.

DHW art  9 point star goddess small file

Nine Point Star Goddess

DHW A new baby in hearthrob heartland small file

A new baby in heartthrob heart land

DHW art  Wisdom and Compassion small file

Wisdom and Compassion

DHW I got the wolrd on a string small file

I got the world on a string

New pictures that oddly work – Adam and Eve portrait from the Aliens ?

23 Jan

The new pictures here are odd to me.  Especially a picture from a shooting session that I had a DIRECTIVE to do.  I do get something that can be described as a directive from some playful Alien entities. The proof of this (what is going on) is in the results I get.   I was told that I should take a picture of myself and my special mate Donna in a certain way.  I don’t know how or why my Adam and Eve picture works so well.  When I was taking this picture I forgot to close down the aperture of my lens. I used a 1937 Ziess Icon folding camera for this. This resulted in a negative that is so dark that the image is almost not there. Lately, I decided to put this negative in a scanner at high power to bring out what ever I could get.  I liked the result and I sold two prints of this picture so far !   This picture looks good the way it is now. If I had a better negative I would have to clone a fig leaf over myself.  This was my plan.

Two other pictures are here.  The seascape over the ocean of Plum Island is in color here and I don’t know how the vortex in the middle section of this picture happed ?  I was trying to stitch three pictures together.  I like the gull flying through the middle section of this scene. Another picture has a grand panorama looking over the terraign at the Audubon Preserve on Plum Island.  This came out better than it should.  I just took four grab shots in near darkness here.  I stitched them together for this nice scene.

I  want to cite another directive a got in 2011.  I was working on an art film about the 2008 Presidential election.  While working on this film I got a directive from an Alien who wanted to comment on our election.  I was told to go to a particular swamp like place alongside the Hudson River, that an Alien would speak through me Mediumistically at this place.  This happened and I did a camcorder film while this took place.  This film is on You Tube !

You have to go to four sites Addresses to see this entire film.  Start as listed below.

VTS 01 1 George Forss

VTS 01 2 George Forss

VTS 01 4 George Forss

The King Cobra Speaks George Forss

The King Cobra ?  Yeah.  There is a shadow of a King Cobra on my face while the Alien is talking through me.

But my pictures !  Details in my just past blogs.  Thank you.

G Forss Adam and Eve 2

Adam and Eve in the modern world with Mother Nature

G Forss  Plum Island   Rectangle Light over Ocean 3 small file

Rectangle over the Ocean  Plum Island

G Forss Audubon Sanctuary at Plum Island small file L sharp

Audubon Sanctuary at Plum Island

Pictures from a special place – Plum Island ++++ plus a couple of spooks in Salem, Mass.

14 Jan

G Forss  Following the footsteps  Plum Island Beach P small file

Following the footsteps

G Forss  Plum Island   Rectangle Light over Ocean 2  BW P small file

Rectangle Light over Plum Island Beach

G Forss  Rocks like Seals  Plum Island P small file

Rocks Like Seals  Plum Island Beach

G Forss  The World of the Barred Owl  Plum Beach 2014 P small file

The World of the Barred Owl

In October 2014 – such a long time ago it seems – I got around to taking a brief vacation in the Newburyport area of Mass., below Boston.  We went to Plum Island on two occasions.  I got pictures here of this excursion.  I have seven pictures that I carefully worked on.  I have a quick study of the Barred Owl in the Audubon Nature Preserve and some ocean scenes.  I also went to Salem, Mass and captured two spooks with Donna.  Donna’s hand is in this scene.

The owl -YIKES – is what this creature is. It gets a YIKES !   I have this bird of prey together in its surrounding world.

We wanted to get to the ocean.  We did and it was cold in late October.  No swimming.

I am selling, like my blog opening says …

I can make an 11×14 digital print on 100% rag paper with Epson inks for $65.  $35. for an 8 1/2 X 11 print.

$15. for shipping.

Also, my publisher put out a video of my new book.  It is on You tube.  Go to then select:  The Way We Were by George Forss

My book is $13 soft cover and  $24. hard cover.  $12 for shipping.

George Forss / Ginofor gallery

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Cambridge,, NY 1`2816           518  6773288  george.forss@

Check out my symphony’s on this blog.  I wrote nine symphony’s utilizing electronic feedback sounds.  You can open these and play them.

G Forss  Donna and some spooks in Salem Adobe fix P small file

Donna with some spooks in Salem, Mass

G Forss  Donna on Plum Island Beach P small file

Donna on Plum Island beach

G Forss  Evening sky over Plum Island ocean P small file

Evening Sky over Plum Island Beach

George Forss Symphony No. 8 – The moose in the Woods – a large moose in your listening area – New book download

4 Jan

I have nine symphony’s that I created utilizing electronic feedback sounds. The text page of each symphony will tell you how this all came about … about a kind of ‘presence’ that came to this undertaking. I have four of my symphony’s on this blog now. You can backtrack to find No. 4 No. 1 and No. 9. I will have all nine soon.
Don’t wonder about any of this though. I am sure you will become quite amazed by what you will be hearing. If you want to know more you can open the text attachment larger and read about how such an undertaking came to be. I can sell you any one of my symphony’s on a CD disk, even all nine. One CD is $25. add shipping of $12. For all nine I can cut the single price in half. This will be

I also have a pdf file of my new “The Way We Were” that I can send to anyone who wants it. I sell this book at my gallery. I can sign my book this way. It also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an E book. A paper back in my gallery is $15. The hard cover is $24. I have altered my price for this book because I am a nut. Honestly, I do not know exactly what to price my book. People tell me they paid such and such a price, in my town Book store (Battenkill Book Store) and other places. You can also get one from the publisher,

OK Turn on my symphony and you will have a large Moose in your listening area. This moose will get close to you to sniff you ! It runs away eventually with a large honking sound as it goes.

George forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816 518 677-3288.

G Forss Symphony No. 8  The Moose in the Woods jacket

G Forss Symphony No. 8  The Moose in the Woods  Text