Norma Forss Photography – The Origins of Humanity Report – New Book Project

4 Dec

I have some of my mother’s photography to show here … and … uh, what ? … I have a report about The Origins of Humanity ? Yes, there is a way that I can do this. I am not afflicted by delusions of granduer, nor am I ego tripping. Those who know me know that I have been getting feed back from a kind of metaphysical source. I am sorry that I am constantly explaining this (each time in a little different way). I feel I have to do this to try and break through the constant and unerring energy of the Blossom (The Rat Race) for years now and I got some new data now. I do connect to a person here and there who is considering what I am doing. I do not have a new movement or a religion that I want people to join. I am not capable of doing this anyway.

Actually, What I have is not so new to me. It is rather that I am able to ‘feel’ the real truth of our origins better than I have all along.

Humanity is not of this earth (The Earth Garden). We are the result of some kind of hybrid breeding on the part of some other life form type that is actually not even of this universe. Science now knows that there are multiple universe’s abound in the – all of everything – so to speak. What I am aware of is some ethereal spooks found, or founded, our place (our Godly Place) and they introduced a contrary energy here … along with the kind of smarts that they have from a more advance universe somewhere. This ‘smarts’, this energy is us. It (We) are not natural to this earth place. We (The ethereal spooks) found a way to live again when we came here. Yes. I am saying (I am aware more than ever) that we are alive again now. I am aware that we were taken out by the God Force in another universe. Somehow, though, we exsisted as spooks, until we got here, and are capable of doing what humanity is doing on the earth garden now.

This energy happened as soon as we emerged as a new life form here. It is likely that a few false starts, or experiments, took place involving different ape being types. It is possible that the advent of ape types et all is thier doing. This is energy is that which is produced by the God of the earth fighting to repel the newcomers God of where they came from. We are all gripped with this energy all the time that is now governing all of our human affairs in a ceratin way.

Why do hybrid beeding at all ? If our founders are so smart why don’t they just create some kind of super being, of themselves, that is free from primative needs in the way that we are … that does not age Etc. Etc. THE ANSWER IS THAT THEY CANNOT ACHIEVE WHAT THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED HERE IN ANY OTHER WAY ! The human being (The Creation) is more capable of experiencing the super jollies of mortal living, across the entire spectrom of mortal living. The thing is that no matter how smart any beings are in any universe, there is no more fun creature possibilty that what we are today.
The excitement of being on the ‘front lines’ in a war of two God’s … keeping up with Blossom energy (my new name for our rat Race) constant new trends and fads is blinding us to the reality of the decline of the original Earth Gardens viability in our universe. The situation is that humanity as a whole is developing a bad Karma … our situation of living in the earth garden for a long time is growing increasingly tenous … that the God Force of our universe will take us out at some point ! Mayby this will not be for some long time. So … what do we care … we are having so much fun … we are the ones who are the most aggressive Blossom Types who are running the show here ? This should be OK. So, each individaul has to simply get with it and not worry about the decline of the earth garden (the decline of natural animal and plant life) ! Are we all destined to become super robots ?

I care. I know that such a scenario is not even possible. Not in any universe … That (They) (We) lost our home somewhere else and now we are here to rage with our smarts, even if it is only for a few thousand years.

I have a few of my mom’s pictures here. A book about this is in the works. More about this later.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

Norma Forss - Little Girl on steps001
Little Girl on Steps

Norma Forss - Tough Guy002 sml file
Tough Guy

Norma Forss Draped nude study001
Draped Nude Study

Norma Forss - Lou Costello 002
Lou Costello

Norma Forss Betty Hutton 1940001
Betty Hutton

Norma Forss - James Stewart001
James Stewart

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