George Forss – How to photograph a sunflower

17 Oct

I have a 1 1/2 x 3 foot garden in front of my gallery. This small plot of land become a garden when Jack Metzger, the owner of “Jack’s Outback” next door to me, decided to till my small plot of land and plant sunflowers here. He has been keeping my garden growing … glowing with sunflowers for years now. I am like, eternally grateful to this man.

Every year, like magic, some sunflowers bloom. It is always exciting for me to want to photograph the sunflowers that come around.

This year I singled out only one sunflower. This was a very large one. It was at my height standing straight and looking just perfect, as a sunflower can be.

I took three pictures from the same vantage point. The background for my study was the entrance to my gallery. I had to work out a composition for my study carefully. The first picture I can illustrate here shows my skill at doing this. The second picture has a person in it suddenly … within the same composition I set up ! This is Cambridge own Larry Sconzo, the man I nickname The Godfather. Larry looks out for all of us in Cambridge. He is very bold so he put himself right in my picture while I was taking the first picture. So, I have a portrait of Larry with my sunflower. The composition for this second picture is very good. I could not have orchestrated this second picture any better than this. Larry just stood in my picture as you see ?

For my third picture … while my camera is still in the same place … I decided to incorporate a large art work behind the sunflower. I was smart about this when I thought of using a large Donna Wynbrandt work that is about 4 by 6 feet. I also made this third picture a horizontal picture. The is an exemplary artist of the third kind. Her art works are always exciting and tasteful.

G Forss  Ginofor sunflower in bloom 2014 small file

G Forss  Ginofor Sunflower with Larry Sconzo 2014 small file

G Forss  Sunflower with DHW art  2014 small file

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