George Forss – Making a Vow

25 Sep

In 1969 I sort of made a vow, or a promise to ‘bring back the hippies’. This was just after the mud in Woodstock ended and I noticed that the energy of this movement was gone suddenly. I am sensitive to stuff like this. Indeed many ‘Hippies’ were proclaiming that the thing was over. I thought bad about all of this. In this period, just after Woodstock, I encountered some hippie types who were ‘crashing’ at my place in the Bronx. They said they were abducted by Aliens and they had a report writing with them that I was told was the actual words of the Aliens they encountered. I did not think well about any of this until I read the Alien words in a report that a hippie girl named Buffy wrote out. It was just what they said it was. The writing (words) were not words that a human being would put together. They left the next morning and I went of with my life knowing that my reading of Buffy’s report had a curative effect over me. I was suddenly able to function better in society.

Seven years after this event I was in business ! I was a street peddler who can sell his photography in the streets. I invented this. I was the first to do something like this. What happened at this time is a real ‘happening’. I saw Buffy again while I was selling my pictures. We recognized each other and the whole encounter went sour suddenly when I asked Buffy about her Alien report. She went away from me at this point saying that her report was junk. Right at this time something came over me. I got very sick and I started to get words in a sentence in my mind about very heady subjects that I never knew before. I had just made a vow … this time a very serious one. The kind of vow that an over-grown child character would make. Me ! The same person who made a vow in 1969.

This is when some sort of ethereal spooks decided that they could use me as a conduit to write out a new Bible-like tome addressing their major concerns about humanity. From this time on I started getting what I call “Finding Sentences” that I would record on pieces of paper, a book, newspaper, racing form, etc. Anything I could write on suddenly because these ‘sentences’ were very fleeting and I would quickly lose my awareness of them. I went to work. Me the perfect fool. I started accumulating all of my ‘Finding Sentences’ and in 1983 I started putting my great Hippie Bible together. This is my book entitled “ENOS”. I self published this book in 2009 after I got 66 rejections from publishers. I don’t get criticism for my writing. I get silence … after all these years. This is telling me something. No one is able to tell me how my writing is wrong. Most people will not even get into this book. Silence ??

After all these years I find that nothing in my book ENOS has failed … the many hundreds of notions (wisdom) claims my book contains.

I can e mail this writing as a PDF file to your email. Don’t be afraid of the universe (the spooks). I know I do not have what you would want to read. I have what the universe wants you to read.

I also have some new pictures here.

Thanks for your time,
George Forss
Ginofor Gallery
38 West Main Street

Cambridge, NY 12816

G Forss  Ginofor sunflower in bloom 2014 small file
G Forss  Ginofor Sunflower with Larry Sconzo 2014 small file
G Forss Gourds from Jack's Ginofor Garden 2014 small file

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