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26 Jul

I am reading a new book about Jesus of Nazareth (Zealot by Reza Aslan) and I am picking up on something that is common among all the greats of any religion … that they will all go into a place that is away or outside the realm of basic humanity’s standardized success practices and our usual ways with money. The ones that seem to do this best (initially) (actually speaking for the poor in world they know) are the ones that are born of a gilded family of great wealth and social positioning.
My odd way of looking at a situation like this is different then that of the educated writer because I am a nut who has a lot of interest in a great body of wisdom phenomenon ‘out there’ that humanity (anyone) can tap into. This is enough for me. This keeps me away the best Blossom Types and the way that they have of controlling any success syndrome going on in their world. Blossom Types can control people simply by glaring at them with a kind of ‘mode of authority’ demeanor which makes them so right. This is essential for maintaining the monetary and leadership roles of their best people. I don’t argue with any of this … However However (God damn it!)

However !

There is always someone somewhere ( a special sorehead) (so rare) that will go into the wild (into the desert) in order to pick up on a special fervor of religiosity they will find there. My modern catch phrase, above, says it best.

What happened to me ?

I think there is a kind of God force ‘out there’ that controls everything in the universe for the long term, while it will tolerate a state of corruption in a social place for time … uh, to play with it all … before a quick comeuppance to such a place happens.

I bring out in my writings that we need not worry so long as we can keep something I refer to as the God force at bay … that all we have to do is maintain a lever of reasonable truth in our social affairs and that this will prevent the God Force from being triggered. This means that we keep what we have and stay around as a species for many thousands of years. My personal fear (my sorehead-ness) is that we may be activating the God Force soon. I believe that a communication that I have with the ‘wild’ is telling me these things.
I am told that our science of truth detection, when it is used in our affairs generally will keep us safe.

The great founders of religions (great because they have a time wise viability even if we do not know how) wanted God to damn their corrupt society (God damn it !). Jesus exclaimed to the uppity priests of the temple … “You brood if vipers !”

Read my books. I say, but alas … I don’t have ‘followers’. I don’t have what it takes for this. I think I am lazy in this regard. I want to have fun in life. I still go on …

Get my writings free via e mail. MY book ENOs is on Amazon (George Forss/ Enos) George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12916

What happened to me ? Oh, I went through a period in my life when I was hiding out in my mom’s apartment in the Bronx for seven years. I had this kind of phobia. Was this my desert ?

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