George Forss portraits at Jon Katz bedlam farm Open House – Saturday and Sunday – 12 noon until 4 pm. – New e mail

18 Jun

I had to change my e mail. I don’t want to do this but it was necessary. I opted for a new two stage security which, oddly enough, my own e mail was considered to be too corrupt and that I should change it. Yahoo told me this. My new e mail is the same except I need a period (dot) between my first and last name. New e mail

New pictures for my portraits sign at Bedlam Farm below. Virgin Mary at the Hyde Museum and Red, John Katz border collie, in charge ! If someone wants me to do a portrait of them, I will give them a two sided order information placard which is actually a 330g 100% cotton 81/2 x 11 print that I will sign. Price is $102. $35. up front pays for my photography, the gift placard plus a CD disk with the pictures taken on it. Remaining $67. is to be paid if the customer wants an 11×14 cotton print made of a portrait. $15. will cover shipping.

Hope to see you at Bedlam Farm,
GeorgeG Forss Virgin Mary at the Hyde Museum small file

G Forss  Red in Charge  B&W small file

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