Donna Wymbrandt Art – Three Art Works – selling selling selling – Pen&Ink and Water Color Art

17 Jun

Hi Everybody,

My mate of 27 years is also an artist for the same amount of time.  Donna is my protégé and biggest fan.  I think my blog followers would like to see some of her delightful art.  I have been representing Donna in my Ginofor Gallery and she sells well.  These three art items are on 300 lb/wt rag paper.

Back up and look at my three blogs before this one to view them.  Each is on an 8×10 mat board. 

We are selling these for $160. right now.  Donna has 20 of her ‘adorable adoables’ art in my gallery. This what she call them. You can see more these if you e mail me … or come to Cambridge !   Shipping is $15. 

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816 

518 6773288

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