George Forss – New Pictures and an Answer to the Eternal Query – What’s going on in our world ?

12 Jun

I have some new pictures here.

I also have what can be described as the reason that we (humanity through the ages) are always wondering … “What’s going on in our world ?”

It is all because (the cause of) (of) a form of energy that I have been describing for more than 3o years now.

After all of this time the validity of what I am proposing in clearer than ever in my mind. I am not alone because my writings have a bit of a following now. I have a 730 page book entitled
“ENOS – Prayers and Rewards of Mercy after Enos / The Innocuous Science-Strategy of GOD in Life” I can e mail this writing to anyone if I get an e mail from them. I have a PDF file version of this tome. The name of this energy is known in this writing as The Blossom. I did not decide on a great body of wisdom that I have. It is more that it all came to me a in a certain way.

Yeah I give it away. Yeah I am trying to influence our world. I am saying that there is some kind of foreign energy that is ill affecting humanity. It is the same energy that created us but we need to end our attachment to it now. Read my book and the knowledge of what is going on in our world will free your mind of a great deal of confusion.

I also have sales of my book. I sold about twenty five hard cover book in two years, since I have been doing my blog and Facebook. I also sold the same number of soft covers.

I am selling digital prints of all my subjects, old or new, for $65. My book ENOS is $37. for the hard cover and $20. for a soft cover version. Add $15. for shipping for a print or a book.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph518 6773288

G Forss  ENOS Synopsis by Xlibris

G Forss Five Balloons over UP Church  Cambridge 2014

G Forss Inside Grand Central Station  small file

G Forss Painting at the Hyde Museum small file

G Forss Welcome seats at Bedlam Farm small file

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