George Forss – The Way We Were – Selected Images for new book

7 Jun

I have been very busy with all the images I selected for my new book. So sorry I have not been active with my blog.

I am at the point with my project where I have computer enhanced all my images so that they will have one set of tonalities. You will not be able to tell which of my pictures are large format or small 35mm images. They all have about the same grain/texture when you view them. This is what I want. To me, the subject reigns supreme, especially when I capture a special moment of magic for each chosen subject.
I do not want to see photographic wide angle lens distortion or telephoto lens compression. This is something that I am also fussy about.
I am like the old world photographers. I admire and enjoy all the amazing digital photography and I am doing digital all the time now. I enjoy taking every image I create to Adobe Photo for ‘corrections’. This is me. You can see some of these here.
All my images are for sale ! I can make an 11×14 fiber based digital print for $65. This will be a 330g fiber based paper with Epson archival inks. Shipping is $15.

7 G Forss Reggatta East River 1977

G Forss Manhattan from Liberty Island 1988

G Forss Nuns Cemetary Staten Island NY001

G Forss  1983 Liberty Stalue Centenial crowd001

G Forss  UN biblical wish001

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, New York 12816 ph 518 6773288 Also Facebook.

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