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George Forss – A great lens for Canon EOS – Donna Twice Portriat

25 Jun

G Forss  Donna Twice Bedlam Field 2 stitch 2014 small file

I can recommend a very light weight 28 to 90 lens on a Canon Rebel film camera that I paid $49 for on E bay. The lens fits on a Canon EOS camera ! This is the lens I used for the portrait above. I took two pictures of Donna at Jon Katz bedlam farm open house over the weekend and then I stitched the two pictures to get the “Donna Twice” picture. The Canon rebel is also a great film camera. Do you remember ? Look for old Canon Rebel cameras with the 28 to 90 lens.
I discovered something else recently. I find that I can get a better result — if I am going to scan an old B&W negative into my computer to make a file out of the image — if I make an
8 1/2 x 11 darkroom print and then scan the print into my computer instead of the negative.

Here is a file of a picture I took in 1977. I used the above technique to make the picture better.

7 G Forss Regatta East River 1977

I may be wrong. I am not the greatest technical photographer like the old pros. I did what I describe here to upgrade my old pictures because I am publishing a book entitled “The Way We Were” This book will feature my best pictures from those good old days … with the WTC in many of my shots. Am I right ? Am I nuts ?
Everything I do I do because … are you ready … here it is in a modern catch phrase … “Works for Me !”

Preach. OK If we are going to constantly outmode all the stuff we are manufacturing where will this ultimate be taking us ? Don’t worry, we will fix everything in the next 50 years or so. Are you sure ? What about the Earth Garden (the earth’s ecosphere) ? Read my number four book. “End the Rat Race/ End the war we are raging with all that is pure” I can e mail it to you as a wordpad file. It is a short writing. This book offers a sane and practical solution to this vexing problem.

George Forss/ Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 George.forss Please note my new e mail. I had to change it … put a period after my first name.

George Forss portraits at Jon Katz bedlam farm Open House – Saturday and Sunday – 12 noon until 4 pm. – New e mail

18 Jun

I had to change my e mail. I don’t want to do this but it was necessary. I opted for a new two stage security which, oddly enough, my own e mail was considered to be too corrupt and that I should change it. Yahoo told me this. My new e mail is the same except I need a period (dot) between my first and last name. New e mail

New pictures for my portraits sign at Bedlam Farm below. Virgin Mary at the Hyde Museum and Red, John Katz border collie, in charge ! If someone wants me to do a portrait of them, I will give them a two sided order information placard which is actually a 330g 100% cotton 81/2 x 11 print that I will sign. Price is $102. $35. up front pays for my photography, the gift placard plus a CD disk with the pictures taken on it. Remaining $67. is to be paid if the customer wants an 11×14 cotton print made of a portrait. $15. will cover shipping.

Hope to see you at Bedlam Farm,
GeorgeG Forss Virgin Mary at the Hyde Museum small file

G Forss  Red in Charge  B&W small file

Donna Wymbrandt Art – Three Art Works – selling selling selling – Pen&Ink and Water Color Art

17 Jun

Hi Everybody,

My mate of 27 years is also an artist for the same amount of time.  Donna is my protégé and biggest fan.  I think my blog followers would like to see some of her delightful art.  I have been representing Donna in my Ginofor Gallery and she sells well.  These three art items are on 300 lb/wt rag paper.

Back up and look at my three blogs before this one to view them.  Each is on an 8×10 mat board. 

We are selling these for $160. right now.  Donna has 20 of her ‘adorable adoables’ art in my gallery. This what she call them. You can see more these if you e mail me … or come to Cambridge !   Shipping is $15. 

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816 

518 6773288



17 Jun



17 Jun



17 Jun

George Forss – New Pictures and an Answer to the Eternal Query – What’s going on in our world ?

12 Jun

I have some new pictures here.

I also have what can be described as the reason that we (humanity through the ages) are always wondering … “What’s going on in our world ?”

It is all because (the cause of) (of) a form of energy that I have been describing for more than 3o years now.

After all of this time the validity of what I am proposing in clearer than ever in my mind. I am not alone because my writings have a bit of a following now. I have a 730 page book entitled
“ENOS – Prayers and Rewards of Mercy after Enos / The Innocuous Science-Strategy of GOD in Life” I can e mail this writing to anyone if I get an e mail from them. I have a PDF file version of this tome. The name of this energy is known in this writing as The Blossom. I did not decide on a great body of wisdom that I have. It is more that it all came to me a in a certain way.

Yeah I give it away. Yeah I am trying to influence our world. I am saying that there is some kind of foreign energy that is ill affecting humanity. It is the same energy that created us but we need to end our attachment to it now. Read my book and the knowledge of what is going on in our world will free your mind of a great deal of confusion.

I also have sales of my book. I sold about twenty five hard cover book in two years, since I have been doing my blog and Facebook. I also sold the same number of soft covers.

I am selling digital prints of all my subjects, old or new, for $65. My book ENOS is $37. for the hard cover and $20. for a soft cover version. Add $15. for shipping for a print or a book.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph518 6773288

G Forss  ENOS Synopsis by Xlibris

G Forss Five Balloons over UP Church  Cambridge 2014

G Forss Inside Grand Central Station  small file

G Forss Painting at the Hyde Museum small file

G Forss Welcome seats at Bedlam Farm small file

George Forss – The Way We Were – Selected Images for new book

7 Jun

I have been very busy with all the images I selected for my new book. So sorry I have not been active with my blog.

I am at the point with my project where I have computer enhanced all my images so that they will have one set of tonalities. You will not be able to tell which of my pictures are large format or small 35mm images. They all have about the same grain/texture when you view them. This is what I want. To me, the subject reigns supreme, especially when I capture a special moment of magic for each chosen subject.
I do not want to see photographic wide angle lens distortion or telephoto lens compression. This is something that I am also fussy about.
I am like the old world photographers. I admire and enjoy all the amazing digital photography and I am doing digital all the time now. I enjoy taking every image I create to Adobe Photo for ‘corrections’. This is me. You can see some of these here.
All my images are for sale ! I can make an 11×14 fiber based digital print for $65. This will be a 330g fiber based paper with Epson archival inks. Shipping is $15.

7 G Forss Reggatta East River 1977

G Forss Manhattan from Liberty Island 1988

G Forss Nuns Cemetary Staten Island NY001

G Forss  1983 Liberty Stalue Centenial crowd001

G Forss  UN biblical wish001

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, New York 12816 ph 518 6773288 Also Facebook.