Pictures for new book – original synopsis for ENOS

22 May

In ‘our world’ where there is not enough real truth and true rewards in human affairs … amidst the perfect workings of everything we are able to observe in Nature, I think it is a good idea to consider the simplified proposals in my book ENOS. I have the original synopsis that my publisher, Xlibris, put together in 2007 for my book ENOS attached here, plus some images for my new book “The Way We Were”

Four Hippies and six Aliens and a twenty five foot brain in a prolonged dialog ?

Yes Yes Yes
This is the fun of the universe. The kind of playfulness we see everywhere in the universe.

My book contains great wisdom that I downloaded from such source (THE PLAYFUL UNIVERSE).

G Forss  ENOS Synopsis by Xlibris

G Forss Weary Man Motor Vehicle Borough  people 001

G Forss  Holland Tunnel Bicycles  1987

G Forss Brooklyn Bridge from the Watchtower building best

G Forss July 4th fireworks anticipation001

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