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Pictures for new book – original synopsis for ENOS

22 May

In ‘our world’ where there is not enough real truth and true rewards in human affairs … amidst the perfect workings of everything we are able to observe in Nature, I think it is a good idea to consider the simplified proposals in my book ENOS. I have the original synopsis that my publisher, Xlibris, put together in 2007 for my book ENOS attached here, plus some images for my new book “The Way We Were”

Four Hippies and six Aliens and a twenty five foot brain in a prolonged dialog ?

Yes Yes Yes
This is the fun of the universe. The kind of playfulness we see everywhere in the universe.

My book contains great wisdom that I downloaded from such source (THE PLAYFUL UNIVERSE).

G Forss  ENOS Synopsis by Xlibris

G Forss Weary Man Motor Vehicle Borough  people 001

G Forss  Holland Tunnel Bicycles  1987

G Forss Brooklyn Bridge from the Watchtower building best

G Forss July 4th fireworks anticipation001

G Forss – The Way We Were – 5 images

9 May

Hi To all

I haven’t been on my blog for a while, I have been too busy. I can simply post some of the images that I am fixing so I can send them to my publisher. See what you think.

I have to preach on my blog it seems (and sell).

I know that I am connected to a basic phenomenon in life. Here it is:

If we are doing work of the universe (wanting to do work of the universe) we will find that some very neat prospects will open up for us; so much that we will not be able to do the universe work so well (have the time for ). This does not stop me though, even though I need most of my time to do the work of my new ‘prospect’ now before me. I don’t think it is either one of the other I should do. Instead I think I am being rewarded at the same time that actually do some work for the universe, like … it opens a channel for the other.

Here are some pix I am working on …

Read my books ! I can send them via an e mail from you. I have a new box of
“ENOS” hard cover books now. This one is 730 pages of universe type of fun. The universe likes Bible type of writing. A hard copy is $36. and soft cover is $20.

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G Forss  1983 Liberty Stalue Centenial crowd001

G Forss Nuns Cemetary Staten Island NY001

G Forss NY Harbor from Staten Island 001

G Forss Hands and arms on Montauck 2014

G Forss Bowery Lady  best