ENOS – A Twenty Five Foot Brain

25 Apr

I have a following for my writings other than my photography and someone I know wants me to do a blog about the brain in my book “ENOS”
I am sorry that I have not been very active in this regard.
I think I will excerpt the writing I have on page 338 to 340 of this tome …

page 338 …
Oh Oh …Their brain is speaking again
“… humanity …”
“… humanity … you cannot go on very long like this before you fail … it will be an ending of your necessary orientation to gods pure love … if you try to disavow this love, you will find that you will be mired in your hapless fate at the same rate that has you equally denying gods calling … life is the only thing that can last …everywhere that you look, you will see that this is so … you are happy then but only for the shorter periods of time that you are living in error … so it is all for some able fun and wit as you are in pursuit of pleasurable pastimes and socially needed allegorical assimilations … but these should end ! … just as soon … to right you again … do not ever go on further than this … there is danger here …”

The Alien’s brain has interrupted an Alien as he was speaking in our heads. Is this brain mad ?
Myself “Hello … Hello brain … Are you mad ?”
[whew] [nothing]
Oops … here we go again …
” … in the future only the devil of life will be able to survive without any needed assimilation to god’s love … he will take everything from you then … he will take everything that he needs for himself … you will only have his ways that wane … you are only warmed over the course of the eons by the gracious and ebullient idiosyncrasy of your own special joy in life …
There is another pause here … The aliens are just staring at their ship.
The Alien Brain continues.
“… all the children of god are made over now … it is all for the most grandiose and sophisticated elite … who can rule over all the working profits of commerce and the arts … the very fate of this world rests on the salvation of each individual’s natural quest for permanence, which will be away form these ways of commerce … still, everyone in this swim is innocent … it is only the blossom telling all of its one way to success … if this were to continue, nothing of your kind would live here any longer …
Marie “I have a question … uh.”
Hah ! Marie is asking the brain a question. She is looking directly at their ship … uh, I …. er …. I mean their vessel. let’s see what happens.
Marie ” … you said that life, or they said … your six beings said this … that … that only natural things can last a long time in the universe. But, there is no one out there like us. You said also that there is only us in this galaxy. My question is this then … how are we going to last long even if we do become natural-like again … we know too much already ? How can we become innocent and stupid again … if this is what it would take ?
Alien brain “no … no … you are the only human life that is here with us now … don’t you see ? … don’t you see that there are no godless beings of any type in this region of the universe … do you know that you are only here because of your accidental survival after you were ill conceived …and that you were placed here to renew your faith or perish … you were deliberately abandoned here then, after you were found to be impure … you are here for the purpose of renewing your faith during the process of somehow cleansing your souls … you can also say that you were placed here by chance … with god, though, there is no such a thing, as chance … only god knows this …”
Marie “How were we placed here ?”
“… god placed you here … there is no other way that this could happen to you otherwise …when something happens by chance it happens by god … you know us now, and you know some others … but we live like you … so, only the earth has the miracle of your actual physical presence … we are here because you think that we are here … this is a new science …the sciences that you now have will have to be found wrong soon … with there ill purposes, and therefore, they will be discontinued … after this, only the individuals among you who are crafty in a spiritual way will make your machinery … these will be free from fault and lasting as to their form and functioning … there will also come a time soon, when your pronounced spiritual energy will enlarge, and cost you some commercial remedy … so that any machines that ere not made in this spiritually crafty way will surely fail …
Len “I agree.”
John “I agree also.”
Those two guys are getting real cute now. The Aliens are not so mad looking … they look amused.
The brain continues …
But I am not going to continue ! Read my book “Enos”. I don’t like anything the brain is saying. uh, I don’t like it but I did dutifully record what it had to say. Note that the brain speaks in all lower case.
Here is a picture for this blog. There is a bunch of humanity in this picture.

G Forss  1983 Liberty Statue Centenial crowd001

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