George Forss – Mere observations about two Gods

9 Apr

Rays of Life medium size

I haven’t been doing any blogs about my findings/writings lately … the way I usually do. I have been busy with a new project involving some funds I have won on the kick Starter program. I have been so busy that I was not aware of this but some scarce fans and followers of what I am about want to know more of the unusual findings that I blog about. I am happy about this. I am working every day getting what I need ready for a new picture book that I will be able to publish soon.

What about two Gods ? I believe that humanity is of a particular God (a kind of purity force that must exist with all life forms) and the earth garden planet is of another God (the old God). I believe ultimately that there is only one God of the purest kind that will exist with any life form anywhere over the very long run of a species type.

I have to repeat something here that I feel prompted to do every time I am ‘preaching’. I have a great need to try to explain all of the amazing wisdom that I have been privy to for about 30 + years now. This is the kind of nut I am. Oddly enough, I am afraid not to ! I believe (I know) that there is a force in the universe that will fund and bend ones ongoing fate depending on how they behave, especially once someone has developed an attachment to, uh … something that I have no other frame of reference for; something that I have become obedient to; this force (God). This is what I need to explain. I find (I can see it all in my mere observation of it) as it plays out in my life.

I think we all need to know about the two Gods involved in our sphere of existence in these modern times. The old God Force of the Earth has prevailed here for billions of years. Our newer God, that is developing with us, is trying to supplant the old God because we are so smart and new here. It is just like we came here to live again from some far place. My ongoing ‘mere’ observation is that we are either beings from the future or that we came here from another universe. We know that something happened to some smaller ape type about 200,000 years ago on this planet. Some kind of big change came over this being, like it suddenly had some real smarts. This is good because this change enabled it to survive. This is a restless and aggressively ambitious being now that cannot ‘sit still’ as if it (we all) are rushing to get back what we had in the longer past somewhere.

Notice these things about ourselves that the other beings on the Earth Garden (The Garden of Eden) do not have:

We are engrossed in what is termed ‘Progress’ all the time.

We all do an amazing amount of ‘fault finding’ in our affairs, more than we would if we were secure and relaxed here.

We are racing to acquire more an more technological toys at a faster and faster rate.

We are always concerned about being with a group that we can describe as “The Chosen Ones” in society.

Our advanced science is teeming everywhere but it is active much like a disease would be after such a thing gets started (a disease affecting the earth’s garden ideal and eco system atmosphere).

Now … not too worry … we have many more years to go before we ruin our living here. You can even say that science is going to salvage our world and us after all.

Actually, I have been told what we need to do to stave off something called ‘The God Force’ (the overall force for purity in the universe) that will take us out once it gets triggered. Think of this as the universe immune system and to you can get a fix on what is going on with us in the universe since we got here.

We need to operate our affairs with the most advanced truth detection science we know of. This is what I am told. The God Force of the universe is not a great mind somewhere. It will detect an area of corruption somewhere and that place secure fate will go down to near zero real fast and then it will be gone. We are living in a real truth universe and we are safe if we are not too corrupt. I think it is this simple. There is not a mind somewhere that is saying to itself … “I am getting tired of the bad humanity species and I will end it now.” There is no evidence that any such ‘great mind’ is watching over us. Mere observation tells us that maybe the opposite of such a thing is more the truth.

I have few books written about the wisdom I am extolling that I can sell and send to anyone via an e mail attachment. There are sparks of interest in my writings now.

If you think I am ‘merely’ ego tripping, think again. Mere observation tells me that there is something profound going on in my writings.
I am a conduit for the truth of living in the universe. Mere observation tells me this … that we all are if we only knew it.
We are not living with the Earth Garden Planet. we are living off the planet.

I have to pick a picture to illustrate here that would be appropriate to use ?

This picture is on the cover of my book ENOS.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288

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