Norma Forss – Kathleen (con’t)

10 Mar

Well … I do my blogs and invariably I will find that I will not follow the guides of doing a basic blog. I am not trying to be a ‘wise guy’.  It is just the way I tend to do things.  I have been told that I am horribly dyslectic.  This causes me to put my dialog wrong and my pictures having to go on a second blog, like this one !  I have to but the rest of my text for the previous blog here.  Uh … read the blog before this one and then read the continuation here.

Yes … Norma Forss – Kathleen

Well, I was hoping that Kathleen would not want me to do a blog with her image in it.  I thought I would have an out, but Kathleen wanted me to post my mother’s image.

Kathleen is my dearest friend in this world.  I always feel out of place around her.  She is the most bossy person I know.  I told her jokingly that I would find a job for her via my blog.  She said OK.  Now … uh … I can speak for her but it is my views of a person like Kathleen that are on a religious level.  She is very capable but she will not work somewhere were she has to lie (sell) to make a living.  She lives with a great man. a soul mate for many years who she helps with his health and career.  He would not be here if she did not know what to do for him in the past.  He has super health now because of Kathleen.  She sings !  Kathleen has a professional caliber voice.

Kathleen would be an asset  to any company.  She would be perfect for quality control and company efficiency.  I guess I might as well put her e mail address here.  I don’t really want to do any of this but she said OK.  Yeah … she said that I randomly picked a negative of my mother with her in it for a spiritual reason.  How could I refuse.  I don’t know anything about a job search.  I am a life long dropout who made a living freelancing in so many odd ways.  I too do not want to lie (sell) to make a living.  You can’t stop me now, I am too old.  Kathleen is old to.  She is in her late 50’s.  She is not going to like this blog, as far as getting a job goes. 

I better shut up now.

Here is her e mail.  katcan

We are not supposed to give someone’s e mail out but this may be how something like this may actually work ! 


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