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G. Forss – The Way We Were – Image for new book

30 Mar

G Forss Sailboat regatta in 1977

There were sailboats going along the East River. I decided to position myself at the bottom end of Roosevelt Island to get this view of it all.

G Forss – The Way We Were – Image for new book

30 Mar

G Forss Manhattan from Liberty Island 1988

For this image realization I had to allow for a cloud that was about to cover the moon you see here. My total exposure was about 8 seconds with about 2 seconds for the moon just before the cloud covered the moon.

G. Forss – The Way We Were – Image for new book

30 Mar

G Forss Wash Sq fountain 1978

It was 105 degrees on this magical day and time.

G Forss – new book – “The Way We Were”

23 Mar

Hi to my backers and friends,

I am busy working on the images I will be using for my new book. I just made a breakthrough in Photography … in the ways that I can make my older pictures into E files and enhance the quality of all my images. This is very timely, of course.

I find that I can make a best possible darkroom silver gelatin print that is the size of my scanner and then scan each print and send it too Adobe Photo for further perfectionism. This is the best of both worlds. I will now have outstanding e files to send to my publisher.

I have a couple of images here to illustrate what I am writing about. I am very optimistic that I will be able to represent my images better than ever.

Note: I will still be selling my best possible fiber base prints of certain images and giving some to my Kickstarter backers. I will now be able to work with many images for my new book in a much more practical way. I need to amass about 80 images for this project. This I am doing.

I can still sell my 330g fiber base digital prints for $65. Shipping and handling is $15. My world price for a silver gelatin print (8×10+) is $425 for a (16×20+) is $750.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816

G Forss  UN biblical wish001

G Forss Wash Sq fountain dust r on unsh on best

George Forss in Life Magazine report – Kickstarter – QE2 digital file

11 Mar

Hi everybody,

I am very fortunate to have two new showcases for my photography. I have two reports concerning my career right now.

Go to to see what Life Magazine is featuring about me. They are showing photography from my gallery in NYC and writing about a heady project I worked on for several years just before the WTC disaster. My gallery is I went around NYC doing landscapes from 1993 until 2000.

I have a new proposal on that is very successful. I raised the money I asked for in one day ! I asked for 8,200 to fund a new book project that will feature the best photography I have done about NYC before and after the WTC disaster. I will put my new pictures of the new Freedom Tower I took recently in this book.

Go to My proposal title is “The Way We Were”

For my backers I have a new digital version of my famous QE2 in NY 1977 showing with this blog.

Thank you all so much.
George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

QE@ in New York 1977

QE@ in New York 1977

Norma Forss – Kathleen (con’t)

10 Mar

Well … I do my blogs and invariably I will find that I will not follow the guides of doing a basic blog. I am not trying to be a ‘wise guy’.  It is just the way I tend to do things.  I have been told that I am horribly dyslectic.  This causes me to put my dialog wrong and my pictures having to go on a second blog, like this one !  I have to but the rest of my text for the previous blog here.  Uh … read the blog before this one and then read the continuation here.

Yes … Norma Forss – Kathleen

Well, I was hoping that Kathleen would not want me to do a blog with her image in it.  I thought I would have an out, but Kathleen wanted me to post my mother’s image.

Kathleen is my dearest friend in this world.  I always feel out of place around her.  She is the most bossy person I know.  I told her jokingly that I would find a job for her via my blog.  She said OK.  Now … uh … I can speak for her but it is my views of a person like Kathleen that are on a religious level.  She is very capable but she will not work somewhere were she has to lie (sell) to make a living.  She lives with a great man. a soul mate for many years who she helps with his health and career.  He would not be here if she did not know what to do for him in the past.  He has super health now because of Kathleen.  She sings !  Kathleen has a professional caliber voice.

Kathleen would be an asset  to any company.  She would be perfect for quality control and company efficiency.  I guess I might as well put her e mail address here.  I don’t really want to do any of this but she said OK.  Yeah … she said that I randomly picked a negative of my mother with her in it for a spiritual reason.  How could I refuse.  I don’t know anything about a job search.  I am a life long dropout who made a living freelancing in so many odd ways.  I too do not want to lie (sell) to make a living.  You can’t stop me now, I am too old.  Kathleen is old to.  She is in her late 50’s.  She is not going to like this blog, as far as getting a job goes. 

I better shut up now.

Here is her e mail.  katcan

We are not supposed to give someone’s e mail out but this may be how something like this may actually work ! 



Norma Forss – Kathleen

10 Mar

Norma Forss - Kathleen



5 Mar

Norma Forss Photography – Portrait of George Forss (me)

5 Mar

Yes.  This is a portriat my mom took of me when I was about 5 years old.  It looks like I was tooling along in my fancy wheels but this is not so.  My mother was HOLLYWOOD.  I am not kidding.  The wagon, clothes and hat etc. were from her prop department.  Norma Forss photographed children for 50 years.  Every time she set out to do so … found a good subject to photograph, she would dress the child or person with things from her prop department sort of.

I use this image of myself in compliance to the instructions in my second book, “God wants to live here, too” … in the fountian of youth chapter.  I do not have a fountain of youth methodology(at last) to write about.  I have wisdom/communication with some advance life forms somehow and I want to follow what they say in this chapter.  What I have is more like a fountian of youthfullness chapter.  It turns out (if this wisdom is correct) that we will not ever be healthier than when we can awaken and maintain our true self.  I am not going to go into everything I have here. There are a couple of things anyone can do to get the right effect, though. 

This is like Edgar Cayce.

1. You should have a picture of yourself in your living area of when you were about five years old. (I use the one pictured here).  Also, photograph yourself in the nude every seven years.

2. You should practice Natural Responses … more than you do to basically influence people … selling all day long.  Keep in mind that you are trying to keep your natural mindset alive ! This is not so easy to do.


Read my books to know about this more.  I now have files of my 2nd book ready to send via  PDF e mail files.  To get the whole book I will send you two emails.  There are eight chapters so I can send five and three after this.


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery

38 West Main Street

Cambridge, NY 12816

Am I behaving like a child ?  Do you get  it ? (get it now?)

George Forss My Kickstarter is working !

2 Mar

Wow!  This is the first reaction I had when I saw that I went over the top in my request for the funding of a new book for me. This is a wonderful program for someone like me.

The farm portrait just before this post is me (my photography) in my new world … the farms of Cambridge, NY.

I took this picture as part of an intended six picture photo scene computer stitching.  The stitched scene did not work very well but I like this single picture.

Go to to see what is going on.

I want to thank everyone involved in my project.