George Forss – Natural / Spiritual Writing

12 Feb

G Forss  What is Natural Spiritual writing 2I am reading the latest National Geographic magazine that has an article about the human brain. This article has the latest information about our brains and how we are able to think and how robotics is the science of the future. It seems that we will find out how the brain works soon. Indeed. modern science tells us that everything we are is centered in our brains.
I have an issue with this kind of science because I do not think it is very scientific. I am not trying to be cute with words or in my thinking when I express myself in this way.
I have been exploring a great body of wisdom for years and I know that the true workings of Nature/God is more the dictator of humanity’s future then any experimentation that we have that involves a foolish wont that needs to explore the science of robotics so much. It is amazing that we can do so much now to fix all kinds of ills of the body. The true nature/science of the universe is the opposite of this.
I am aware of something in the universe that can only be described as the God Force. This force is the dictator of how long anything in the universe will last.
We have a great future in the universe if we are pure and strong, not if we are breeding downwards which is causing us to get weaker and weaker as beings over time.
I get all my wisdon insights because I write/communicate/channel with the Gods, so to speak, with a Natural/Spiritual writing process.
I have an amazing abilty to do so. I am developing a bit of a following now. If anyone wants to see what I have I can simply attach my writings to an e mail that you send me. This is what I have been doing. I have my 730 page ENOS book to sell also. Look through my blogs for inof about this writing. Yes Yes, I am using my blog as a pulpit of sorts. This is fun for me and actually, this is the fun of the universe as well !

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

Page 2 of my writng to explain Natural/Spiritual writing is here.

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