Ginofor Gallery – Donna Wynbrandt Art

28 Jan

DHW - After Paul StrandDonna Wynbrandt has the most artistically playful art. This is her ‘trip’ in life. She sells all the time. I have many art works by Donna.
Donna’s art sells in the range of $25. to $300.

We talk all the time about issues of humanity and life. Donna is a Bhuddist. I am nothing about any system, country or religion except for what I can determine to be the truth about humanity on a universal level. People who know me are now beginning to appreciate all the wisdom I have accumulated for many years coming from a source that I say is outside of myself. I like to be so open minded that this can happen. Let me lay some wisdom on you ! I am getting weary of all the school shootings. These are telling us all something pertinant about the state we are in among all our ‘Citizens’ of the earth.

Like it or not, there is a process of homogenization taking place involving all of humanity. This is something that is observable. We are slowly becoming one basic likeable being type on earth. We cannot stop this process from continuing … I dare say.

So, why don’t we stop all of the God awful political mayhem, the resulting wars, genicide, greed and avarice already. In such a future – when nobody really hates another person so much – we can fund an allotment for all people to live on that will be cheaper than all the programs that we have to help the poor. In this way we will be funding the strong amomg us and not the weak. This is the way of nature. This is so evident to us when we can view everything going on in a perfectly natural setting.

We will do all of this as part of the homogenization taking place.

One Response to “Ginofor Gallery – Donna Wynbrandt Art”

  1. Suzanne Tate January 28, 2014 at 9:35 pm #

    Excellent idea, George. I wish you would run for President. We sure need someone who can take us to the right finish line.

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