George Forss – An order from the universe

13 Jan

G Forss  Scan of Order002 small fileI think the universe is an autocratic taskmaster. I mean this seriuosly, like … I got a command recently that I will not refuse. It is this kind of connection that I have developed in a certain way that I has been very beneficial in my life.
So … I put together a sort of proposal from the universe that I beleive I am supposed to issue on this blog and eleswhere.
What am I selling ? I have five writings that I have been sending to people via an e-mail attachment upon request. My writings are the result of the connection that I have with the universe … with some kind of ethereal spooks that I have downloaded a great deal of wisdom from. I am able to do this because I asked for it many years ago. Now I am stuck with them (my spooks). I cannot do what I am doing unless the wisdom I purport fails. This will free me. It is like I joined a street gang that will not allow me to quit once I join them. I noticed years ago that my immediate fortunes will suffer greatly if I do not do what I am told. I love what I am doing, though ! I love being a partner with such wise beings … that I believe are communicating with me from another dimension where they live and function. I CAN quit if some item of wisdom I have fails. Here is a ‘for instance’ …
Science tells us that we are about to discover another planet where we will find life. This is it, right … I should stop right now. Just a minute. We have not found such a planet yet. Further, we are spending a fortune of the ventures we pursue when we should use all the wealth we gather on a project like, restoring the earth garden and providing every being on our planet with a good base level of funding that they can rely on to live well and free.
Here is another thing I am told, in an answer that the Aliens gave to some hippies in my first book ENOS, when they asked this question: “Why was I born ?”
Without hesitation the Alien said “We are born to find a perfect mate.”
I have never encountered a person in my life who does not have this quest. I can tell that everyone I know is doing this while they are alive no matter what they say about their living.
Perfect sex ? Yes
A perfect mate ? Yes
We are both animal and spirit doing this.
The Aliens also said that we will not come back to physical life when we achieve this goal.
I’m wrong. I should quit right now.
I am told that life on the earth is the only life in this universe.
OK I will stop when I am wrong.

I can sell my book ENOS. It is a 730 page Bible-like tome that is a lot of fun. It is actually about fifteen books in one. You do not have to read it from beginning to end. Jump in anywhere and be amazed. $30. hard cover $20 for paper back version.

ALSO … My writings are free if you send me an e-mail address.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

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