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Jon Katz at the Round House Cafe

30 Jan

Katz  Simon On The FenceJon Katz and George Forss are featured at the Round house Cafe for february.

The show starts February 6 and continues until the end of the month. We have a reception on February 20 7 – 8:30pm You are invited !

George Forss – Jon Katz at the Round House Cafe

30 Jan

G_FORS50The Round House Cafe is featuring the photography of George Forss (me) and Jon katz for the month of February.

This show will run from February 6 to the end of the month.

The Round House Cafe is new to our town and it is remarkably successful. It is open early for breakfast and lunch until 3pm. Food here is words cannot describe.

We have a reception on February 20 7 – 8:30pm You are invited !

Round House is on Main Street right next to our famous Hubbard Hall Opera House.

Ginofor Gallery – Donna Wynbrandt Art

28 Jan

DHW - After Paul StrandDonna Wynbrandt has the most artistically playful art. This is her ‘trip’ in life. She sells all the time. I have many art works by Donna.
Donna’s art sells in the range of $25. to $300.

We talk all the time about issues of humanity and life. Donna is a Bhuddist. I am nothing about any system, country or religion except for what I can determine to be the truth about humanity on a universal level. People who know me are now beginning to appreciate all the wisdom I have accumulated for many years coming from a source that I say is outside of myself. I like to be so open minded that this can happen. Let me lay some wisdom on you ! I am getting weary of all the school shootings. These are telling us all something pertinant about the state we are in among all our ‘Citizens’ of the earth.

Like it or not, there is a process of homogenization taking place involving all of humanity. This is something that is observable. We are slowly becoming one basic likeable being type on earth. We cannot stop this process from continuing … I dare say.

So, why don’t we stop all of the God awful political mayhem, the resulting wars, genicide, greed and avarice already. In such a future – when nobody really hates another person so much – we can fund an allotment for all people to live on that will be cheaper than all the programs that we have to help the poor. In this way we will be funding the strong amomg us and not the weak. This is the way of nature. This is so evident to us when we can view everything going on in a perfectly natural setting.

We will do all of this as part of the homogenization taking place.

Ginofor Gallery Artist – Steve Burgess

28 Jan

Burgess - Valley Stream - singleGinofor Gallery has about 35 artists in stock. I represent artists on a consignmnet basis. Steve Burgess here gets praise from art experts all the time. His landscapes are brought to life via a scene somewhere that he comjues in his mind. This is what he says !

Prices for Burgess are in the $150. to $300. range.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main street Cambridge, NY 12816 515 677-3288

George Forss – Fire in the Sky

19 Jan

G Forss  Fire in the sky  2014My Aliens came around and took me on a ride to see the great fire out there in the cosmos. I took this picture.

uh, Actually … My town of Cambridge, NY has its annual X’mas tree burning barnfire every year at this time. I was surprized to see how the fire jets and the snow flakes lit up when my camera flash went off.

I am selling this image. This will keep your home warm (you will think it is about 15% warmer when you view this picture on your wall).
$65. for a deluxe 11 x 14 triple width fiber base print. $15. for shipping and handling. You can order and pick up your print in my gallery !

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

George Forss – An order from the universe

13 Jan

G Forss  Scan of Order001 small fileI got an order from the universe recently. I have a proposal page that I created for this request.
This will seem so far fetched but take a look at what I have.
The front of my proposal page is here and the back of my proposal page is on the blog before this one.

George Forss – An order from the universe

13 Jan

G Forss  Scan of Order002 small fileI think the universe is an autocratic taskmaster. I mean this seriuosly, like … I got a command recently that I will not refuse. It is this kind of connection that I have developed in a certain way that I has been very beneficial in my life.
So … I put together a sort of proposal from the universe that I beleive I am supposed to issue on this blog and eleswhere.
What am I selling ? I have five writings that I have been sending to people via an e-mail attachment upon request. My writings are the result of the connection that I have with the universe … with some kind of ethereal spooks that I have downloaded a great deal of wisdom from. I am able to do this because I asked for it many years ago. Now I am stuck with them (my spooks). I cannot do what I am doing unless the wisdom I purport fails. This will free me. It is like I joined a street gang that will not allow me to quit once I join them. I noticed years ago that my immediate fortunes will suffer greatly if I do not do what I am told. I love what I am doing, though ! I love being a partner with such wise beings … that I believe are communicating with me from another dimension where they live and function. I CAN quit if some item of wisdom I have fails. Here is a ‘for instance’ …
Science tells us that we are about to discover another planet where we will find life. This is it, right … I should stop right now. Just a minute. We have not found such a planet yet. Further, we are spending a fortune of the ventures we pursue when we should use all the wealth we gather on a project like, restoring the earth garden and providing every being on our planet with a good base level of funding that they can rely on to live well and free.
Here is another thing I am told, in an answer that the Aliens gave to some hippies in my first book ENOS, when they asked this question: “Why was I born ?”
Without hesitation the Alien said “We are born to find a perfect mate.”
I have never encountered a person in my life who does not have this quest. I can tell that everyone I know is doing this while they are alive no matter what they say about their living.
Perfect sex ? Yes
A perfect mate ? Yes
We are both animal and spirit doing this.
The Aliens also said that we will not come back to physical life when we achieve this goal.
I’m wrong. I should quit right now.
I am told that life on the earth is the only life in this universe.
OK I will stop when I am wrong.

I can sell my book ENOS. It is a 730 page Bible-like tome that is a lot of fun. It is actually about fifteen books in one. You do not have to read it from beginning to end. Jump in anywhere and be amazed. $30. hard cover $20 for paper back version.

ALSO … My writings are free if you send me an e-mail address.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816


Theater of the Arts back page

1 Jan

Theater of the Arts back page

George Forss – Theater of the Arts

1 Jan

G Forss  Theater Ad page front001 small sizeI put together a show place, sort of … or a ‘Theater of the Arts’. I want to feature an outstanding audio system I set up with a two screen movie presentation … that I find will prevent one from getting blood shot eyes when they come out of a theater. Maybe it is just me ? My eyes are sensitive. I don’t blink enough, which is what happens when we look at a movie on the big screen. Two screens keep oyur eys going between the two screens and this helps. Here are the details on my Ad page I put together.