George Forss – Theater of the Arts – “Communion”

9 Dec

G Forss - Study of Stone, Fruit and a Crystal small fileI am running an event in my “Theater of the Arts”. I am showing a movie entitled “Communion”. This is a film that is associate produced by Whitney Strieber based on his best selling book with the same title.
This movie is about an event that takes place in 1985 in NYC and at a summertime cabin the family owns in the Adirondacks. This is a film about some very strange but true experiences of one American family. Yes, this film is about Aliens and alien adbductions. This is not fiction though. Something really odd happened on this date in New York.
This film features Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse,Frances Sternhagen, Andreas Katsulas, Terri Hanaver and Joel Carlson. Also, this film geatures music written for the movie by Eric Klapton, who plays his instrument during the film.

When ? What time ? At the Ginofor Gallery in Cambridge, NY . I am right across the street from the Glens Falls bank in town. 2 PM is show time. Two Screens super surround sound and popcorn will flow. You can bring something. RSVP if you can. My little theater can seat 12.

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