G Forss – We have to stop humanity now

2 Dec

G Forss Warning Sign on Jon Katz Farm small fileI am saying this because I feel that it is in these ‘times’ that something very telling and critical may be happening our ‘Earth Garden’. I am talking about God’s amazing world in this universe that may be ending; relatively soon. Even if this horror of a desaese-like activity will take a few more decades to work it all out, I think we need to really find a way to stop this activity.
In my writings I am privy to the science of the universe more and not to the science that we all know that oddly enough, has ot keep changing … much faster than anything will change in God’s process of evolution. Funny thing here, I do not believe that there is a single personage of a God or even a trinity of sorts. I am keen on wanting to know the real truth of anything, no matter what it happens to be. To me the word “God” is the best word I know to desribe a supreme puritin-like spiritual force that determines the fate of everything in the universe. I am told in my writings that ‘We are God’ … that some kind of Godly (fussy) mindset operates through all of us.
So, what it I am just another apocalytic-like thinking screwball who wants to think that our world will end soon ?
Maybe nothing terrible will happen to humanity ? Something terrible will happen to us if we really want it to … that there is a kind of excitement in the workings of current human affairs that may indicate this. I hate to follow this line of reasoning but I know this is true … that the universe is always giving us exactly what we really want … that world peace and stuff like this is booring … and so we will not get it.
I got to be kidding !
I don’t think so.

One Response to “G Forss – We have to stop humanity now”

  1. Suzanne Tate December 2, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Many of us are feeling this as well, Mr. Forss. I wish we could all be labeled as screwballs, but “I feel a bad moon a-risin.’ “

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