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George Forss – The luxery of being an off person

19 Dec

G Forss  New Tower Location abstract Nov. 2013Off and On

It can be said that this is what it is all about when it comes to the workings of human affairs.

According to the wisdom that I purport, being “ON” means you are selling (lying) and being “Off” means you are not selling (lying).
I should not represent any wisdom in this very terse manner but I have to … if I am to represent the God of the earth garden.
Now, you can say that my situation is getting even worse ! I should not refer to the earth as an earth garden, and that it has God (has a God that operates it).
I write the way that I do because I am doing Bible writing.
Huh ?
Now you can say that I am worse beyond any hope of attracting a following for my writings.
This is true according to the guarenteed way of advertizing according to the Harvard Business School and others. We now have a guarenteed way of assuring success with almost any business. This is how potent modern advertizing has become.

Are modern business acumen tactics also assuring the ruination of our earth world ?

We do not really know this for sure.
Someone like me is just an angry kook, for sure.

I am trying to hype my 4th and 5th books today. These are quick read books that are less than 80 pages.
I can send these to you via an e mail without any cost. Just send me an e mail and I will send my files of these.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery
38 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

These two books represent the spiritual fun and drama of the Earth Garden very well !
My photo here is a very odd view of my location site when I was in NYC to photograph the New Tower (WTC 2)

George Forss – Theater of the Arts – “Communion”

9 Dec

G Forss - Study of Stone, Fruit and a Crystal small fileI am running an event in my “Theater of the Arts”. I am showing a movie entitled “Communion”. This is a film that is associate produced by Whitney Strieber based on his best selling book with the same title.
This movie is about an event that takes place in 1985 in NYC and at a summertime cabin the family owns in the Adirondacks. This is a film about some very strange but true experiences of one American family. Yes, this film is about Aliens and alien adbductions. This is not fiction though. Something really odd happened on this date in New York.
This film features Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse,Frances Sternhagen, Andreas Katsulas, Terri Hanaver and Joel Carlson. Also, this film geatures music written for the movie by Eric Klapton, who plays his instrument during the film.

When ? What time ? At the Ginofor Gallery in Cambridge, NY . I am right across the street from the Glens Falls bank in town. 2 PM is show time. Two Screens super surround sound and popcorn will flow. You can bring something. RSVP if you can. My little theater can seat 12.

G Forss – We have to stop humanity now

2 Dec

G Forss Warning Sign on Jon Katz Farm small fileI am saying this because I feel that it is in these ‘times’ that something very telling and critical may be happening our ‘Earth Garden’. I am talking about God’s amazing world in this universe that may be ending; relatively soon. Even if this horror of a desaese-like activity will take a few more decades to work it all out, I think we need to really find a way to stop this activity.
In my writings I am privy to the science of the universe more and not to the science that we all know that oddly enough, has ot keep changing … much faster than anything will change in God’s process of evolution. Funny thing here, I do not believe that there is a single personage of a God or even a trinity of sorts. I am keen on wanting to know the real truth of anything, no matter what it happens to be. To me the word “God” is the best word I know to desribe a supreme puritin-like spiritual force that determines the fate of everything in the universe. I am told in my writings that ‘We are God’ … that some kind of Godly (fussy) mindset operates through all of us.
So, what it I am just another apocalytic-like thinking screwball who wants to think that our world will end soon ?
Maybe nothing terrible will happen to humanity ? Something terrible will happen to us if we really want it to … that there is a kind of excitement in the workings of current human affairs that may indicate this. I hate to follow this line of reasoning but I know this is true … that the universe is always giving us exactly what we really want … that world peace and stuff like this is booring … and so we will not get it.
I got to be kidding !
I don’t think so.