Forss/ God Force Know it all ?

21 Nov

G Forss Freedom Tower at Night small fileI don’t really know a lot. I am keen on my photography because I have spent so much time at it.
If I am privy to some great wisdom then it is because I am the perfect fool for such.
There are some new science developments that would shut me up immediately but these still have not happened yet.
In my book ENOS I have a ‘Finding Sentence’ that is not even mine. It is an old axiom that applies to what I have been doing for many years.
“God speaks through fools”
I do communicate with some other souls that I can give me answers to many vexing problems we all experience in our living.
I am writing like this to those who have a copy of my writings. If you are new to my blog you would not know what I am about exactly.
I am very poor in schools. I learn lot on my own instead. This is the kind of fool the God (the universe likes).
So … what would shut me up ?
My wisdom says we are the only life forms in this universe. This is still true. We are spending a lot of money on methods of communicating with other life forms in the universe with no results so far.
My wisdom says that human affairs (the way we socialize) are run by a foriegn energy. This seems perfectly nuts, but notice how we are all taken in by the preverbial ‘Rat Race’. This crazy running after money all the time (much more than we need) is not of this earth. No other creatures are doing this … and they survive for millions of years ! We are not going to last this long.
We can’t do this, we are too smart.
I do have a solutions that come from my wisdom source. One says we can use our technology to save us … if the God force gets triggered and we are suddenly the subjects of a great ‘slate clearing’ suddenly. If this happens I will quit my writing. Uh, yeah … I think this will do it.
Anyway, i have neat picture just taken in NYC of the new “Freedom Tower” now known as “World Trade Center 2”
I can make an 11×14 print of this on fiber based digital paper for $65. My Books are free. I can send them via an E mail to you. Also, I have a paper back of ENOS for $20. and a hard cover for $35.
George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288

One Response to “Forss/ God Force Know it all ?”

  1. Chris McCarthy November 25, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    George I love this Photo! I would love a copy of it…and I would love to read your books too! Your photography is amazing! I wish you could give me lessons! Hopefully sometime I can visit Cambridge NY and visit! Take care and e mail me what I need to do to purchase the “Freedom Tower”…I also love the photo “Clearwater”…do you make copies?
    Thank you

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