George Forss – Enos Poem

28 Sep

G  FORSS PUMPKIN FACE small fileI am working with a different computer now and I see the difference. I did not want to illustrate the image I have here of a pumpkin face but I didn’t have the image I wanted in my new computer’s files as I thought. This is a face that man has created. The poem in my book ENOS is about faces in the universe that are not made by man. TheNt poem will speak for itself … about the phenomenon of there being mysterious faces everywhere in the universe.

I have 45 poems in my book that are quite terse, to say the least. Everything I do has a religous bent to it mixed with the fun of being open to some kind of intelligent spooks… an alien authority (alien to us)
(some sort of living entities in the universe) that I have been communicating with for many years. This is them verbalizing in this poem (they can verbalize through me). This is mostly not me. See what you think.

Note: The above … This is m etc. This is diliberate. I like what comes when something like this happens. There is some kind of communication here.

The Subject of the Sullen Spirit Face of God

Of all the individualistic things that have forged themselves into being
that we can see …
some have something to do with the one face of God.
The Sullen Spirit Face of God.

These will have an expression of God about them
that is unchanging. These are everywhere.
It is the expression of God in all things.
These are from the very beginning of a love
coming from a great God in this universe.
This is the presence of God that is manifested upon all
things and the things that are made by our hand as well.

The expression that this Sullen Spirit Face has
is always virtuous.
It is never defeated nor burdened.
Its head is always upward facing with a
thrusting forward stare.
You can travel anywhere in the universe
and you will see these …
heads with faces …
They are not looking at you.
They will be looking beyond you.

This is the face of God
though it will assume nany profiles.
This is the face of God.

In the beasts, it is showing at those times
when the beast is victorious
and when it is at peace within its deserving lot.

The spirit of God is within you then.
It will show itself rightly in your physical form
when you are rightuous.
It is unchanging over your time in life …
after all your endeavors …
and although you may be beaten and forlorn
it will show itself in your remaining ardor
if you are, at least, purely loved.

There is such a face on Mars !

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