G Forss – The Earth Spirit

26 Sep

G Forss DHW  Who's the Healthiest  psychodelic glow med
I want to put a short excerpt from a poem in my book ENOS. In the whole process of divining some special wisdom for this writing effort I was prompted to reproduce some input from the Earth Spirit. I started to write according to the ‘Finding Sentences’ I was getting in my head. This started for me in 1976. I knew that I had to connect to the Earth Spirit somehow ( I was prompted to do so). In 1995 it happened. The Earth Spirit was in my head in the form of a poem.
The Earth Spirit is mad. The Earth Spirit wants to know what we are doing here. Here are some opening lines of this poem.

S… it all !

You said that you would learn to live again when you came here.
Well, it is 1969 and you are making so much more progress in overcoming the frugility of this earth place.
Here it is then …
My complaints are just arguments that end quickly.
You never listen to me and you never explain yourself.
You never do !
Who am I to you that you would never have to explain yourself ?
Hah !

I am the Earth Spirit !

This poem goes on for about 22 pages. The original Earth Spirit poem (angry spirit communication) took place in 1969. I saw it in a report that an Alien encounter abductee showed me in 1969.
I can offer a recording of this poem that I have. I did a great job with this. I cannot send this for free. It is on a disk. I sell it for $25.
The image here is a collaboration of myself with Donna Wynbrandt art. I did some computer enhancement to create “Who is the Healthiest ?”

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge,NY 12816 518 6773288

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