G Forss – Two Terse Insights

18 Sep

I haven’t gotten around to rigging up another computer.  I want to separate my iinternetting from my image managment computer.  This computer is so valuable to me.  It is not so much about having the latest most powerful computer to use.  Believe it or not it has some old programs and a monitor that can’t be beat.   The monitor I bought about ten years ago shows an image file on its screen that is exactly equal to a print that I will get in an Ebson printer I use.


Anyway, I was taking a glancing look at the news and I thought I saw a spokesperson declaring >>>> “More guns, less crime !”  <<<<  I thought this was not quite what I heard, but sure enough the same spokeperson was being interviewed again and he said just that.  He stole his idea from Archie Bunker actually.  Archie Bunker, in his day, has a notion about stopping the airplane hijackings and planes being blown up, that were taking place in his day.  Archie said >>>> “Arm all the passengers !”


OK  What am I selling.   Actually, I am selling my book that a literary agent, that I was connected to for a while, said was the greatest book ever written about humanity in the universe.  She told me this just before she quit being my agent person.  I had 66 rejections from my own efforts to find a publisher and I can only imagine how much trouble she had.  I can e mail my book as well as four newer books that are akin to Bible writing.  I am not kidding.  I do have a connection a source for inviable wisdom that will never change.  We need this now in our world.  Free writings you will not be able to denounce.


George Forss  ginofor gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

518  677 3288  www.ginoforgallery.com   www.facebook.com/george.forss

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