G Forss – Double troubles now

14 Sep

I had a new blog going with some text … sort of thinking out load stuff but it was all erased suddenly ?  It is bad enough that I cannot remedy the new situation about not being able to uploading pictures as well as any videos and music.  These last two I was not able to do all along. I am going to rig up another computer soon and see what happens ?  Please excuse.  George


Hey !  This one went through.  OK  Maybe I am being sensored ? I got a lot of good responses about my notion to bomb Syria with hundreds of thousands of Hostess Twinkies.  I also got some good responses about Assad looking like a Praying Mantis.  I am supposed to sell something on a blog.  I can sell my great book of wisdom entitled “ENOS”.  I tend to send this writing as a file for free to anyone who wants  to read it.  Give me me an  e mail address to send to and I will send my file.  The book is $20. soft cover and $35. Hard cover 750 pages. 


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12816

518 6773288  I am on Facebook  also www.ginoforgallery.com

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