G Forss – The Praying Mantis

11 Sep

I have been thinking a lot about the delema our country faces in the middle east and I did get a notion from my channeling source that everybody likes.  I am getting good praise for the idea … the idea of bombing the land of Syria with hundreds of thoudsands of Hostess Twinkies .  Notice I did not say, my idea.  I believe that our best ideas, engineering, music, literature, photos, art, etc. etc., actually come from a force for purity (perfection) in the universe.  We take full credit when we create something fine but we need to know that we are tuning in this force when we create.

OK  What do I have here, a picture of a Praying Mantis ?  No.  It turns out that I am not able to upload images in this blog all of a sudden.  I know I am doing something wrong, my computer is too stupid, my understanding of the connectivity required to get a new blog going, or something else is awry.  I am known to be horribly deslexic.  This alone could account for my woes.  Please go to my facebook at >>> www.facebook.com/george.forss to see what I am doing there and to see new images.

I do not have an image of a Praying Mantis but the Media does.  We are looking at this nasty insect all the time now.  It is Assad !  The next time you see this man on TV think about the Praying Mantis.  It is uncanny how much this man resembles a Praying Mantis.  I don’t think he should get away with the murders he orchestrated.  I dropped some Hostess Twinkies on him (my fantasy) to change his heart and now I want to issult the s…….. out of him … The Praying Mantis !

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