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George Forss – Enos Poem

28 Sep

G  FORSS PUMPKIN FACE small fileI am working with a different computer now and I see the difference. I did not want to illustrate the image I have here of a pumpkin face but I didn’t have the image I wanted in my new computer’s files as I thought. This is a face that man has created. The poem in my book ENOS is about faces in the universe that are not made by man. TheNt poem will speak for itself … about the phenomenon of there being mysterious faces everywhere in the universe.

I have 45 poems in my book that are quite terse, to say the least. Everything I do has a religous bent to it mixed with the fun of being open to some kind of intelligent spooks… an alien authority (alien to us)
(some sort of living entities in the universe) that I have been communicating with for many years. This is them verbalizing in this poem (they can verbalize through me). This is m Continue reading

George Forss – Frugality not Frugility

27 Sep

In my last blog I made an error in the spelling of the word “Frugality”. I had “Frugility”. Frugility is not even a word.
The word “Frugality” is correct in the poem I was excerpting from. Worse than this a friend suggested that I really want to use the word “Frigidity”, that this would best describe the situation of humanity when we first arrived here.
“Frugality” is the right word though. Frugality means … economical expenditure … not wasteful … prudently saving. Is there a better way to describe “Mother Nature” ?
So, are we finally overcoming the Frugality of this earth place ?
I rest my case. G Forss  Duel birthed yellow squash less contrast

G Forss – The Earth Spirit

26 Sep

G Forss DHW  Who's the Healthiest  psychodelic glow med
I want to put a short excerpt from a poem in my book ENOS. In the whole process of divining some special wisdom for this writing effort I was prompted to reproduce some input from the Earth Spirit. I started to write according to the ‘Finding Sentences’ I was getting in my head. This started for me in 1976. I knew that I had to connect to the Earth Spirit somehow ( I was prompted to do so). In 1995 it happened. The Earth Spirit was in my head in the form of a poem.
The Earth Spirit is mad. The Earth Spirit wants to know what we are doing here. Here are some opening lines of this poem.

S… it all !

You said that you would learn to live again when you came here.
Well, it is 1969 and you are making so much more progress in overcoming the frugility of this earth place.
Here it is then …
My complaints are just arguments that end quickly.
You never listen to me and you never explain yourself.
You never do !
Who am I to you that you would never have to explain yourself ?
Hah !

I am the Earth Spirit !

This poem goes on for about 22 pages. The original Earth Spirit poem (angry spirit communication) took place in 1969. I saw it in a report that an Alien encounter abductee showed me in 1969.
I can offer a recording of this poem that I have. I did a great job with this. I cannot send this for free. It is on a disk. I sell it for $25.
The image here is a collaboration of myself with Donna Wynbrandt art. I did some computer enhancement to create “Who is the Healthiest ?”

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G Forss – Two Terse Insights

18 Sep

I haven’t gotten around to rigging up another computer.  I want to separate my iinternetting from my image managment computer.  This computer is so valuable to me.  It is not so much about having the latest most powerful computer to use.  Believe it or not it has some old programs and a monitor that can’t be beat.   The monitor I bought about ten years ago shows an image file on its screen that is exactly equal to a print that I will get in an Ebson printer I use.


Anyway, I was taking a glancing look at the news and I thought I saw a spokesperson declaring >>>> “More guns, less crime !”  <<<<  I thought this was not quite what I heard, but sure enough the same spokeperson was being interviewed again and he said just that.  He stole his idea from Archie Bunker actually.  Archie Bunker, in his day, has a notion about stopping the airplane hijackings and planes being blown up, that were taking place in his day.  Archie said >>>> “Arm all the passengers !”


OK  What am I selling.   Actually, I am selling my book that a literary agent, that I was connected to for a while, said was the greatest book ever written about humanity in the universe.  She told me this just before she quit being my agent person.  I had 66 rejections from my own efforts to find a publisher and I can only imagine how much trouble she had.  I can e mail my book as well as four newer books that are akin to Bible writing.  I am not kidding.  I do have a connection a source for inviable wisdom that will never change.  We need this now in our world.  Free writings you will not be able to denounce.


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G Forss – Double troubles now

14 Sep

I had a new blog going with some text … sort of thinking out load stuff but it was all erased suddenly ?  It is bad enough that I cannot remedy the new situation about not being able to uploading pictures as well as any videos and music.  These last two I was not able to do all along. I am going to rig up another computer soon and see what happens ?  Please excuse.  George


Hey !  This one went through.  OK  Maybe I am being sensored ? I got a lot of good responses about my notion to bomb Syria with hundreds of thousands of Hostess Twinkies.  I also got some good responses about Assad looking like a Praying Mantis.  I am supposed to sell something on a blog.  I can sell my great book of wisdom entitled “ENOS”.  I tend to send this writing as a file for free to anyone who wants  to read it.  Give me me an  e mail address to send to and I will send my file.  The book is $20. soft cover and $35. Hard cover 750 pages. 


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G Forss – The Praying Mantis

11 Sep

I have been thinking a lot about the delema our country faces in the middle east and I did get a notion from my channeling source that everybody likes.  I am getting good praise for the idea … the idea of bombing the land of Syria with hundreds of thoudsands of Hostess Twinkies .  Notice I did not say, my idea.  I believe that our best ideas, engineering, music, literature, photos, art, etc. etc., actually come from a force for purity (perfection) in the universe.  We take full credit when we create something fine but we need to know that we are tuning in this force when we create.

OK  What do I have here, a picture of a Praying Mantis ?  No.  It turns out that I am not able to upload images in this blog all of a sudden.  I know I am doing something wrong, my computer is too stupid, my understanding of the connectivity required to get a new blog going, or something else is awry.  I am known to be horribly deslexic.  This alone could account for my woes.  Please go to my facebook at >>> to see what I am doing there and to see new images.

I do not have an image of a Praying Mantis but the Media does.  We are looking at this nasty insect all the time now.  It is Assad !  The next time you see this man on TV think about the Praying Mantis.  It is uncanny how much this man resembles a Praying Mantis.  I don’t think he should get away with the murders he orchestrated.  I dropped some Hostess Twinkies on him (my fantasy) to change his heart and now I want to issult the s…….. out of him … The Praying Mantis !

G Forss – surprizing solution for the U.S. in Syria

4 Sep

In all my years of writing the way that I do (claiming to have input from some Aliens), I have come to rely on a kind of validity test that never fails me. This is something I call the “table of truth”.
I have something new that has passed this test. Today I realize that I must report on it now. I am literally told that I must issue a surprising solution I got from some metaphysical source, if you will, about our current issue involving a planned bombing of Syria’s delivery systems for germ warfare.
Here it is: Our air force should send a major bombing raid over Syria and drop hundreds of thousands of Hostess Twinkies, instead of bombs, on the land of Syria.   This is the bare  notion, without any more input, I got.
In my own mind I can see the wonderful ramifications of doing something, all of a sudden, so playful and spiritual in our world.  I know that this is some advice that is coming from the playful universe.
 I think this is something that could change the heart of Assad.