Classic Forss Photography – Portriature

20 Aug

G Forss  S Portrait Quad 001 small file

EPSON scanner image

Norma Forss - Breakfast with Kitten001

Norma Forss Three ladies portrait001

Norma Forss - Senorita plays the accordian001

Norma Forss - Me Barbara and Mickey in St Mary's park001

Norma Forss - boy and dog tongues 001

Norma Forss -  Blond boy with cat001I am happy that I found a way to do portriats the way my mom did. I cannot pose people the way she did but I have my own techqnique. I am using an old roll film camera, a Ziess Icon folding camera that makes the same size negative that my mother used to get with ther Box cameras.
I recently set up my camera to photograph some friends at a birthday party. I have a twenty foot extension shutter release with a squeezable bulb my camera, on a tripod, so I can make my exposure without having the camera in my hands. This works for me and I fanatasize that the picture will take itself. It does seem as though the shutter will go off suddenly by itself. Is like water witching. I’ll put a few of Mom’s portraits here with my birthday picture.

I sell my mom’s portraits printed on digital 330g fiber base paper. How about an 11x 14 print for $45. Send a few dollars for shipping or you can pick up your print at my gallery in Cambridge, NY ph 518 677-3288

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