Nancy Krauss Copper Lamps – Copper Trout Gallery

12 Aug

Nancy Krauss is running an art show this weekend at her gallery. You have to see this show. Nancy is an art lover who has the most beautiful property around Cambridge, NY. I think she is going to contunue to have art shows at her gallery after this one.

The show is called … “Pairs” Nancy has a lot of art to suite this title … she has painters … David Hatfield is one. I am in this with my photography of the most unusual kind. A genuine ‘Spiritual Portrait’ as I like to describe a picture I take with a 1937 Zeiss Icon that has remakably good quality. Ron Favata is here with sculptures that comply to a film I did about his work entitled “Can you do something like this ?” This will be running during the show.G Forss  Me and Donna D Exp with pumpkin pie002 small file fix hand

G Forss DHW  Who's the Healthiest  psychodelic glow med

QE II in New York 1977 best small file

Ron Favata gunslinger study adobe Lexmark Sharp You have to see this. I put the gunslinger here. Maiga Linnolt art is here. Steve Burgess art is also something that no one can emulate,copy,acquire the technique etc. Burgess lanscapes are perfectly real and timeless and yet they exist only in his mind (on his canvas).

Come to this show this weekend ! On Sunday, August 18 there will be a meet the artists reception from 6 to 8pm.

The Copper Trout Gallery is on route 313 nearby to Cambridge. It is near Route 61 and the Battenkill River tubing and canoe place. You will see Nancy’s signs.

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